nclex study session - Hello, I graduated from nursing May 2013. I used this page to help motivate me for the NCLEX. Now that I passed the NCLEX and am on the job hunt I will try to keep updating to motivate anyone else...

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  • C.Murphy - HORRIBLE product!

    I had my hardwood floors refinished recently and asked the installer what cleaner I should use to keep the high gloss finish shiny. He recommened Bona. I used the product today and am too disgusted for words! My beautiful, shiny floors are now covered in a dull, streaky film. They look horrible. I tried going over them with a damp rag to clean it off with little results. Finally I discovered the only way to bring back the shine is to buff them. Unfortunately there is too much to do by hand and would need a power buffer. I will be dumping that bottle of Bona in the trash!

  • Joseph Yonke II - Love it as does everyone that sees what it does

    I've had this product (but smaller diameter) for about five years now. Picked it up at Lowe's for $50. It was a leftover. I knew nothing about it but it LOOKED like it would do what I wanted at far less expense and trouble than a skylight. Put it in the darkest room in my house, an interior bathroom. Now, every time I walk by that room I want to reach in and turn out the light. Does exactly what it's supposed to do. I could care less about the material is it made of. It doesn't have to stand up to any kind of use once it's installed. The dome and the flashing have worked great with no problems at all. The interior diffuser fits flush (almost) to the ceiling and breaks up the light like majic. All that see the light in the bathroom are impressed. It can and does reflect moonlight as well. It's not a window but it is a great source of light in an otherwise dark, dark room. It is pretty easy to install. I just had to get by the fact that I was cutting a hole in the roof!

  • Jason Smith - Awesome floor cleaner

    Awesome floor cleaner! I bought this for my Shark Duo since their brand cleaner is crazy expensive and the Bona worked great, will definitely stick with it. I followed up with the Weiman Hardwood Floor Polish and they look as good as the day we bought the house!

  • Ron Baker - Epic destruction

    Excellent action and special effects are front and center in this tension filled global disaster film. The action is big and starts early in the story. Grand, epic events unfold at a breakneck pace and it is all very well done. If you like big summer popcorn flicks you will love 2012.

  • Jay Johnson - Sounds great for the money!

    I'm using this to do some simple recordings via Garageband on my macbook pro. While I didn't use the included software, everything in this package is great. The microphone obviously isn't high quality, but I'm able to get some pretty nice takes off of it (as an amateur recording artist).