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  • niawT kraM - If you love static or don't listen to the radio then this antenna is for you!

    Ok so let me start with this - the antenna looks great and you can tell it's well made just by handling it. It fits perfectly on the FJ and looks great when on the vehicle compared to OEM. It is also made in the US. All of this earned it the two stars in my opinion. Actually 1.5 but I can't half star this review.

  • Raven - Upgrade the quality of your life with this diffuser!

    I love this diffuser! It makes my room so cozy and therapeutic! I use alot of different essential oils depending on what I am feeling like on that particular day! Awesome and I love it! Here's to the good life!

  • Julie E. Fredrick - a dud

    I bought this product for myself for Christmas. When removing it with a cotton square, no dear skin or dirt was removed. Then I felt my face, and all of my peachfuzz was twisted in tiny little knots. I couldn't get them off with a buf-puf or scrub, so I hope they will go away on their own. NOT recommended if you have ANY fuzz on your face.