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  • david fernandez - excellent.

    more than what i expected. has more to offer than sibelius & now i see why. i will have a lifetime of success with finale. everything here it's detailed to the simplest form & the manual is self explanatory. thanks finale & thank you amazon.

  • Clarissa Y. - This product was amazing on my hair

    This product was amazing on my hair. It left my hair soft and moisturized for days. I used it as a wash and go and also a twist out. I also used the co-wash and caramel souffle leave in conditioner. The products smell absolutely good. I could not believe how soft my hair was, as soon as you use the co-wash it instantly makes your hair soft. There is no need to comb your hair out before using, because the products will make the comb glide through any type of hair. The creme brulee,co-wash conditioner and the caramel souffle are now my favorite products to use.

  • Mary - Apparently not tasty enough :-(

    While this appears to be an excellent dry dog food, my dog just simply doesn't like it very well. She has multiple allergies, chicken among them. I had her on Addiction Kangaroo, which she loves, but it has "chicken fat" way down in the ingredient list. While it was a tiny amount, it still contributed to her allergen load. I was thrilled to find this food which has nothing she's allergic to. While switching her over, I saw she ate the Addiction first and often stopped eating when it was gone. When she had nothing but the Zignature, she would pick at it and beg for treats. I left her on this for some months but she never grew to like it. I've switched back to the Addiction, giving in to her at last, and she's happy with her food again. Oh, to be a pampered pooch...

  • Taylor - Amazing face mask!

    I have a semi-sensitive complexion. I wanted a mask that would help shrink my pores and diminish acne scars. This mask arrived slightly damaged. The top was bent in and had came off slightly. I decided to keep it and give it a try. It feels very cool during the application. During the drying stage it itches really bad. Really really bad. After about 5 minutes it stops itching. I leave it on for about 15 minutes and then wipe off with warm water and a wash cloth. I've used it 3 times and have noticed a huge difference in the size of my pores as well as my acne scars. This has cleared up my acne too. I'm extremely pleased with the improvements it's made on my face in just 3 uses. My only two concerns are the itching while its drying on my face and the burning sensation I have on my face for up to 24 hours after using. It is truly worth it because the results have far exceeded my expectations. Give it a try!

  • Robin Smith - An Absolutely Great Series

    I read the original story in the first boxed set for the I Ops series and loved getting to know about Missy and Roi. So when I learned there would be an extended version I knew I would be buying it for my own collection. Missy is Peren's close friend and she was there when she set up Lukian with Peren and there was all the trouble with Parker kidnapping her. Of course with Missy's job being so secret she couldn't tell Peren nor Melanie about it. Now however it is Missy's turn to be in danger and its Roi's job to keep her safe. Roi is fighting his instincts where Missy is concerned not realizing the histry that they have together.

  • Matthew Clark - always classic

    I got hooked on this series in college (thanks Professor Callahan). A very great anthology for the years best shorts