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  • Erynn D - I thought this was the perfect book to help review old biology and chemistry concepts

    I thought this was the perfect book to help review old biology and chemistry concepts. Everything is explained well with enough detail, but not unnecessary detail. I will say I preferred rewriting my old lecture notes for organic chemistry, though, because the book seemed to complicate things. On the practice test, however, I felt that NONE of the words I saw in the verbal section contained ANY of the prefixes in the book, so I'm not sure if it was worth studying that section.

  • globalpeter - Diffcult, problems and punishment, no stars

    Punishment is what it has always been, same old same old. For example, you are required to start by entering the Serial Code, nothing new. Except Acronis Code is 80, yes 80 characters. I tried it 3 times, carefully using the info on the package, even enlarging it on my copier to make reading easier to read. My computer tech tried another three times. We both entered and re-checked to make sure each entry was correct. Each time the entry ended by being highlighted in red, with the word "incorrect". I have used another version of Acronis in the past, with constant problems, which is why I switched to Macrium Reflect, which has worked perfectly for years. It is so much easier to use and full disk clone is always exact when restoring to a hard drive. The two criteria I like most about all tech is "simple" and "easy". Macrium was and is, Acronis was neither and never. There are other clone software, so I am not suggesting only Macrium. It was found and tested after so many Acronis frustrations. So, in my experience and others I know, who are more high-tech than me, avoid Acronis, there are alternatives just as good or better and definitely easier to use.. This is not to say that Acronis cannot do what it says, but why not make it easy to use. I remember back when Acronis didn't even have a toll free number, it took years before going to one, that's progress. How a vendor would continue to be difficult and problem prone, puzzles me. Finally, suggest before you buy, explore alternative software. Good luck.

  • AmyAmes - Great quality for a low cost

    I bought this to hook up to my work computer for when I worrk from home. I figured for $100, might as well try it out! The display is very sleek and the picture is clear. I would recommend to friends and family who are looking for a cheap yet very functional monitor!

  • tiffany - Stretch mark FREE

    This product has worked wonderfully for me not sure if i just got lucky and have super elastic skin or if it actually worked but i used this product twice a day for my entire pregnancy and thus far being exactly 2 weeks from my due date have not recieved a single stretch mark NOT ONE. Hopefully i stay this way i'm in the home stretch!..I was 92 lbs. before i got pregnant and now weigh 119 lbs. So i have gained a significant amount for my size. Highly refer this product...the only thing i hate is the smell and the fact that ive gone through about six bottles and the pump has not worked on 5 of them.

  • louisya - It works, excellent results

    I had to use this in my attic and it absolutely killed the white mold on the wood planks of the under roof, i didn't even have to clean the area, i ended up getting a whole gallon and prevent treat the whole attic not just the area that was infected