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  • LADY-I - Very pleased with this product

    I got pretty disgusted with not being able to print or save my emails with the online internet email product that I use. After installing this one on a separate computer, I have the additional options for saving my emails and printing at will, without having to be on the internet.

  • Amazon Customer - Chromebook is basically worthless.

    I was so excited to get my chromebook for Christmas, yet have been nothing but disappointed. The unit has never worked properly, continually crashing, reseting, and not connecting to WiFi. I have tried all available fixes, including searching online for help. I have installed updates, reset the device, restored the device to factory settings and nothing works. It continues to shut down and reset itself every few minutes, making it not usable. I finally resorted to returning it to Amazon, and found it past the return date, with no customer service to help make it right. I spent $250 on a big paper weight. I am dissapointed that Amazon wont help to replace a defective product.

  • Tati - Do not Recommend

    I bought this book to help me study for my cpc exam and it's telling me everything I already know. If you have been to school and have the knowledge of medical terminology and all of that I would not recommend this book. It has the answers to the practice exams at the end of each lesson but at the end there's a final exam and in order to retrieve the answers you have to go to their website and $87.47 to get the answers to your final exam and those are the questions that are similar to the real cpc exam so it tempts you to want to pay the price because you want to see how you did. They think they are so slick they give you the answers to the questions that are simple such as medical terminology but when it actually comes to the finall exam when u have to use your cpt and icd9 book to code the want you to pay such a rip off. Just pay the extra money and get the official book that is on the AAPC website it's worth the buy. Sometimes you pay for what you get and that's what being cheap got me is ripped off!!!!

  • beba - Ringo All Starr Band

    This DVD I great. Quality is good, music is great. Arrived quickly. Ringo plays with many great players and there are a few surprises.

  • Amazon Customer - Good, but with a personality disorder

    Does a good job of connecting to my Galaxy Note and a good signal to the car radio. However, in areas where regular radio coverage may be reduced, it appears to interfere on all frequencies, causing static on stations to which it isn't even tuned, and it has now twice 'lost its mind' at startup, reverting to a station other than what I have selected, and it now speaks Chinese.