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  • MANsion - Not for to be desperate or really stuffy to attempt use again

    I read many reviews and some people like it. I really don't care for the nose strips. I wiped my face before placing the strip on so the oil from my skin wouldn't interfere with the adhesive. The strips barely stayed in place although they did not completely fall off. When morning came and I took the strips off it was difficult and actually left adhesive on my face even after I used alcohol and witch hazel to remove. I think I will try something that can insert into my nostrils next time I need nasal relief.


    i get this item with a discount from the seller, i heard about this supplement before but never has the opportunity to try it. and i can said is great, it help you have better vision, your eyes wakeup on the morning clear, no more blurry vision g the day, now i see better long distances and also i see better short distances, it safe to use with no secondary effect because is natural

  • Eye lash - Too much hype

    Product isn't what it says: there may be a very slight lengthening, but it could also be you want it to work and think you see it. DO NOT Believe the hype.

  • Shawn - Got it for $20

    Got it for twenty dollars and love it. I have been able to get my energy back up and been wanting to try this after seeing it on TV.

  • Amazon Customer - Success

    After years of struggling with bladder infections, I have been taking this product daily for the last year and have not had an infection since.