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  • Dianna R - Great desktop PC replacement.

    I have been putting this Mini PC to the test for the past 3 months. I was looking for a replacement for my desktop PC with a much smaller profile. I tested a few of the smaller media center type mini PC's but found them lacking in many areas. I can say now that the problem is solved with the ASUS VivoMini VC65. Right from the start I was impressed with it's performance. It did take a few days to get caught up with Windows 10 updates as well as some drive updates, but after that it ran perfectly. I have just added another 8gigs of ram and installed a 500gig SSD. I didn't do this because the performance was poor with the original drive and ram. Unless you are into heavy gaming the ASUS VivoMini run's just fine out of the box. Speaking of out of the box, the Amazon description is incorrect. It came with a 1TD 5400 hard drive and 8gigs of ram. I ran it like this for over 2 months and it's response was very good. Yes, more ram and a SSD really makes a difference, but out of the box is not bad at all. Admittedly I'm a speed freak and didn't mind spending another $200 dollars. My total investment is $700 dollars which is a lot less than what I could find with comparable spec's in a BIG BOX desktop PC. I'm presently running Windows 10 Anniversary edition which I will highly recommend. A final note: I used the old drive and put it in the second bay for storage.

  • unionsteve - Blown away!!!

    This speaker simply just blew me away with it's quality and sound. It just rocks the house down. Unbelievable performance for such a compact device. Also the price was the best and half as much as most in the portable speaker class. Buy one and you'll thank me!

  • JM Hopkins - A Real Manly Piece of Cookware

    A French Oven is a great gift for a man. You can make all sorts of manly meals in the French oven, with minimal know how. This is a real man's French Oven. Its a solid hunk of cast iron, heavily enameled in a real manly color, cobalt blue. I've had my French Oven for three years now, and it survived a trip to Afghanistan with me. I used it to cook all sorts of manly hunks of lamb and beef over a propane stove over there. It was indispensable. This French oven heats evenly, and doubles as a real manly piece of gym equipment, should you be lacking that. Clean up is a breeze with this particular model, and you can use rough scouring pads on it without damaging it, unlike your more feminine teflon coated models. Be a man and scrub your pot after you make your hearty stews! It could also serve as body armor or a makeshift shield in a pinch. Hurrah!

  • Anna - Excellent resource

    Great practice tests and study material. It helps immensly study for the ACT test. I would recommend it to anyone about to take this test.

  • Jmarie - Easy foundation application!

    I have seen these new make-up brushes all over the internet and finally the curiosity finally got me and I had to order one. This brush is amazing. I usually use my fingers or one of the sponge things to apply my foundation. This is so much easier and looks way better. I just apply the foundation on my face and then use this brush to blend it in. It really does a great job at leaving no streaks. I was amazed at how soft the brush felt on my face. I also use mineral foundation on some days. This works just as good with the powder as it does with the liquid. I am pretty simple when it comes to makeup. Usually just foundation,powder,mascara and a tiny bit of eyeshadow. But im sure this brush could be used for applying blush as well. The brush fits perfect in my hand. It comes with steps to show you how to apply the makeup using the brush so that was cool since i never used one of these. My teen walked into my bathroom one day when I was using it and flipped out saying omygosh you got one of those. Can I have it..LOL... i guess she has seen these before. By the way she did NOT get it. I am really interested in trying all the other sizes in the future. For my 1st oval brush I am very impressed.

  • kcreads - Newcomer

    I am new to the I OPs world and love it. I can't wait to read more. Love the way you slowly learn about how each character was created.

  • brittani - This stuff really works.

    This stuff really works. You definitely have to keep using it to see results but I used everyday twice a day and I became very plump back there lol