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  • D. J. - Windows 7 64bit

    I recently had to upgrade my computer and the new laptop came with Windows 7 64bit, we use Quickbooks 2005 and dont need anything fancier than that. I tried to install QB2005 pro on the new laptop and quickly found it to be incompatible with windows 7. After looking over all the reviews on QB 2010 I quickly realized I dont need the constant nag screens and other bloat it seems to have. So I did some quick research and found for 90 dollars I could upgrade win 7 home premium to windows 7 pro, the purpose of this upgrade was because pro has xp compatibility mode that lets you run older software in a virtual Windows XP machine. I must say windows makes a lot of mistakes but this worked perfectly, after upgrading windows to pro you download virtual xp mode and virtual pc from microsoft. after installing the xp mode compatibility software I was able to install QB2005, and it now shows up in my windows 7 start menu and runs just like its supposed to.

  • rockinlar - Did you miss that ?

    Very disappointed as all science fiction movies now a days heavy on special effects no time for acting which the first movie was heavy on knowing the characters. Missed Will Smith as Dillon and the replacement and other pilot characters didn't care because there wasn't time to know the actors. No great speech this is independence day boy cant wait for another sequel with more special effects.

  • Amazon Customer - Not a desktop

    If you're looking for a desktop, this is not it. This is like a PS4 or XBOX but just with steam games

  • Eric V. - What a Joke!!!

    Purchased this and can't even get it to install. When I call the number on the ACTUAL BOX it gave me some "Bahamas Vacation" spam then hung up. Then I called the support line on the website. It told me to use the "help" option on the menu... LOL When I called the technical number, it told me to enter my EIN... LOL I can't install it, how are you going to track my account?!? What a joke... taking it back... Everything is so "EASY" on the cover and the website. Pffff

  • Marian Blue - Quicken: Magic Mirror

    Quicken is easy if you have the magic mirror to walk through into this world. This "2012 The Official Guide" is the magic mirror that leads into comprehension of this software world. I'm not a trained math person, and the idea of setting up any sort of business/accounting system that would work is akin to believing I can fly if I just flap my arms fast enough. This author uses logic and clear language (leaving the math and software nerd elsewhere) so that the process of using Quicken is accessible by even me (not sure about cave women). In the past, I've hacked my way through Software programs because the books were not hackable; in this case, the book is faster!