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  • H. Lee - Bad software worse customer service

    The first day I installed Roxio creator 2012, it looked working fine. I could copy my CDs and edit the sounds. After a week or two, it stopped working. So, I asked for an advice on customer service. They had no clue what they were saying. They just told me to contact PC manufacturer. WTF. I payed for an absolute trash and I regret it. I will never buy any Roxio product again. I hope you wouldn't make the same mistake I did.

  • A Non E-Mouse - Intelligent charging for all your devices on one outlet

    I could not be happier with the purchase of this charger. I love that I can now charge six different devices at the same time on one outlet. Every port on this can charge devices at 2.4 amps, but if your device can not handle charging at that amperage, this charger is designed to detect that and throttle down the amperage to avoid damaging your device. It also stops charging when the device is fully charged to avoid any damage. It has a 12 amp max output, which means fast charging for all the devices connected. Some of the other chargers in this class have fast charging to only some of the ports, or less than 2 amps per port for a max.

  • Hawaii Kai - Want beautiful hair? Try this.

    I am af-am with very thick, coarse, curly, 3c/4a combination hair. I bought my first container of Ojon a few years ago and declined use because of the scent. I was also skeptical of its claims to repair damage as hair is mainly protein. I questioned that an oil product could function as anything but a lubricant in this respect. Fast forward to earlier this year, which is when I dyed and chemically relaxed my hair...after several years with no chemicals. I also started using a flat iron. Needless to say, my once healthy, shiny, and strong mane disappeared in an instant. What was left, even after repeated attempts to recondition, was a dry, brittle, frizzled mess. It actually resembled an old synthetic wig.

  • michael john bianco - The cream is great for three reasons

    The cream is great for three reasons, the container lasts for nine months of daily shaves, the whipped texture means there is no prep time for lathering up, and the lavender scent enhances the shaving experience.