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  • Devin - Well done!

    Out of all the rule books I've ever fallen asleep and drooled on at at 4:32 in the morning this is easily one of the best. The pages function like a soft, fluffy pillow and the cover is nice and absorbent of any residual drool or coffee. My only critique is that I could have done without the pages being covered in cloraform, as passing out violently every time I try to read a rule isn't that helpful. Lastly, a giant pillow on the cover would help as well.

  • Mark Tercha - Very pleased with product.

    This is a great product. Had a little problem getting to the one connector in my ford edge, but after some contortions of my hands, and help from a guy who used to install dashes for a living, the installation was easy. Set up was simple. Watched the videos on line and unit was up in running in less than 5 minutes after install. I can't say anything bad about this unit at all. I'm very happy to get into a cool car in the summer and will be even happier to not have to go out and start my car in the cold mornings.

  • C. Cote - Not for me.

    I made this purchase based on the many positive reviews I found and because my hair breaks easily. Have tried out other products in the past and try to stick with them for a good period of time in order to give them a chance to do their thing. This one I only used for a short period of time, about a week, and after that I used it on a few scattered occasions until I realized it was a bad product choice for me. Initially I suspected an increase in hair loss/breakage (I couldn't figure which) but thought it might be my imagination and gave it a few more days. Nothing changed...I'd be walking around in short-sleeves and pretty regularly through the day would feel a tickle on an arm, look down, and see a hair laying there. It was happening too frequently for me to feel good about this product, and it was the only styling aid other than shampoo and conditioner that I used. Even when I stopped using it regularly and started using it sporadically, the same thing was happening on the days that I used the product. I admit that I'm normally aware of some hair shedding, but the rate seemed to accelerate with the Mane 'n Tail so had to can it.

  • shennanigans - So glad we didn't buy this crap

    So glad we didn't buy this crap. We were >this < close, and I came here to check the reviews - thank you to everyone who took the time to write a review! I'll stick to Kaboom & Clorox with Oxi for my toilets, tile, & porcelain.