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  • Carper - WONDERFUL! I got this for my son for Christmas

    WONDERFUL! I got this for my son for Christmas. He is 6 and wants a Fitbit like mommy. I think this is the perfect smart watch for him. He wants one so bad, and I cannot wait till he sees that he got one!

  • chris beisler - Jury is still out......

    This is the second one of these I've purchased. Overall good quality and easy to install. I think it needs another set of attachment brackets in the center, last one came off while I was doing 70 down the interstate..... Now I added a small C-clamp to keep the center from rising and taking flight.

  • Darla S - Wonderful se of shears. You'll be prepared for deadheading and pruning.

    I love spring and summer so that I can get in my garden and play. Deadheading flowers and weeding are very therapeutic for me – my husband thinks I’m crazy :-D. Because of where we live, I do most of my gardening in containers since it’s easier to maintain and keep everything updated. The problem with everything being so constrained in a planter is that if you don’t do regular upkeep – you can really tell it and your plants start looking pretty scraggly. For the serious gardener, your small pruning shears are your most important tools in your bag.

  • pickyreader - pickyreader

    this book is a cut above the usual in this genre. the history is good. the writing is good; adult level, almost error free. interesting topic---the genesis of the tudor dynasty. it may be old news but it was new to me!

  • Thomas Mcdowel - This tastes like childhood. I always have this in my house ...

    This tastes like childhood. I always have this in my house because even though I am a grown adult, thi s**** the spot when I get home from work