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Family Medicine Dallas Oregon | Doctors office - Oregon Family Health is Dallas, Oregons most dependable and community-centered family medicine practice.

  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Policies/PoliciesHOME.html Oregon Family Health Policies - Policies have been developed to address the most common points of interaction at Oregon Family Health.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Policies/AfterHours.html Oregon Family Health After Hours Access Policy - Patients are a phone call away from advice from a physician after hours. Call 911 for an emergency.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Policies/ApptStructure.html Oregon Family Health Appointment Structure - Appointments are scheduled to maximize care. Various forms of appointments exist as structured by the insurance companies.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Policies/Controll%20Substance.html Oregon Family Health Controlled Substances Policy - Strict rules are enforced when prescribing controlled substances at Oregon Family Health. Deviation is not tolerated.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Policies/Financial.html Oregon Family Health Financial Policy - The financial policy at Oregon Family Health is set up to be straight forward, transparent and patient-centric.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Policies/MedRefill.html Oregon Family Health Medication Refill Policy - Medication refills can be obtained through phone calls or the web. Allow 48-72 hours.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Policies/MutualRespect.html Oregon Family Health Mutual Respect Policy - The doctors demand excellence from their staff. They expect patients to be appreciative and respectful.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Policies/NewPatient.html Oregon Family Health New Patient Policy - New patients are being accepted. Applicants are to print and complete the appropriate forms.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Policies/No-Show.html Oregon Family Health No-Show and Tardiness Policy - Patients who do not show for an appointment or call to cancel will be assessed a fee.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Policies/PatRights.html Oregon Family Health Patient Rights Policy - Patients are treated with respect and are included in their own medical decision making.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Policies/privacy.html Oregon Family Health Privacy Policy - Privacy of medical information is taken very seriously at Oregon Family Health. We adhere to the HIPAA laws.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Policies/VisMisObj.html Oregon Family Health Vision, Mission, Objectives - Oregon Family Health was founded on principles outline in the mission, vision and objectives.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Resources/ResourcesHOME.html Oregon Family Health Resources and Education - Providing patients with education and resources helps patients make better decisions for themselves.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Resources/Asthma.html Oregon Family Health Asthma Action Plan - Often, asthma attacks are avoidable. When they occur, it is important to have an asthma action plan.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Resources/Cholesterol.html Oregon Family Health Cholesterol Education - High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke. Lab values are explained here.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Resources/Colonoscopy.html Oregon Family Health Colonoscopy Education - Colonoscopy is a procedure to screen for colon cancer screening and is performed by Dr. Peffley.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Resources/Diabetes.html Oregon Family Health Diabetes Information - The doctors educated their diabetic patients which allows patients to improve their sugar control.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Resources/Forms.html Oregon Family Health Forms Page - A variety of forms are available for download to assist patients in preparation for specific appointments.
  • http://oregonfamilyhealth.com/Resources/MedSearchEngine.html Oregon Family Health Medical Search Engine Options - Avoid Google-overload by using the doctor�s recommended medical search engines.

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