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Maxillofacial & Reconstructive Surgery, Oral & Dental Surgery - Medical Orofacial Surgery specializes in maxillofacial surgery, oral cancer, along with reconstructive surgery and dental implants using a high-tech

  • http://orofacialsurgery.com.sg/about-us/what-is-oral-and-maxillofacial-surgery What is Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Medical Orofacial Surgery - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a surgical specialty which treats conditions of the mouth, jaws, face and neck, Specialized at Medical Orofacial Surgery

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  • Rosanne Bonaventura - Bad Product

    I applied the deck restore to my parents deck in July of 2013. By the time I was back in Pennsylvania for Christmas the product was starting to come off. I followed the directions to a T! I watched the video many times and even talked to a rep from Rustoleum because I had some questions about the weather. My parents did not use the deck for 30 days after the product was applied. By March, after all the snow and rain the product was peeling off in large strips. Rustoleum has offered to replace the product but I will not waste my time again. Now I have to redo the deck, but I won't be using Rustoleum.

  • Khan - Great cologne, great price!

    I have seen Versus Blue Jeans in the store and have been anxious to buy it, I found it on this website and am pleased with the delivery, fast and at the time they said it would arrive, it did. I am going to use this cologne for special occassions, definately worth the price if you are looking for a great smelling cologne for the price you can't beat it.

  • Agion1 - Corrupt Database

    Should you find that your database gets corrupted, good luck ever getting it back. Neat's support is terrible. The times I got "help," it was a simple iteration of what the basic help says online, on their site. It also takes some time for them to get back with you, all the while, in my case, my business is getting backlogged. In any case, my database was corrupted and I could not open the Neat software. I had to uninstall every trace of it (not their uninstaller) using REVO uninstaller (removing all traces from the directory) before I could install it again. I then restored an older backup. I began to backup every day. Today, it flopped again on me and I have to rinse and repeat. I will no longer be using NEAT. You are better off to scan you files manually and file them normally. Neat is well-meaning but TERRIBLE product.

  • Julianna W. Hudson - ... and the first whey protein that I can digest easily without bloat

    Yummy and the first whey protein that I can digest easily without bloat! Great product and could really tell a difference in my lean muscle gain/fat loss! Thanks, IdealShape! I am a regular consumer now! :)

  • Thomas Bowers - Good product

    I love this product. I needed a camera that are able to capture things better that my phone. And this is the solution for me. It is small, i can just put it in a coin purse and easy to charge since i can charge with my powerbank.

  • Susan Stipp - Looks nice

    I had downloaded 2013 upgrade and it crashed my computer. This time I was able to download 2014 and it went smoothly. I still hate the fact that QB makes me upgrade every couple of years. We don't have nearly the amount of customers we had back 20 years ago and to spend this kind of money to just keep invoicing with emailing available for a quarter of those customers really stinks. I figure buying the 2014 will give me a couple extra years and hopefully by then we will be retired.