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Oxcivis - Conseil en communication 2.0 - Bienvenue - Oxcivis est une agence web spécialisée dans la communication sur internet et le référencement.

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  • Daniel Lovitt - Horrible!!!

    Bought this a while back and my computer started slowing down. Threw the computer in the closet until a day or so ago because I also have a desktop. Had went back to try it out and started removing programs I don't use defrag it etc. did some research on noton 2013 and apparently it's been know to slow the computer down. So I go and remove it and.... Vuala it's running like new. Worst investment of my life. Please people, save your money

  • LeMoor - My Intestinal Candida is GONE!

    For those of you skeptics, I am a woman who works for a Bank in Bend Oregon (And was not Coersed to write this nor do I work for "The company"). I am a wife and a daughter and have many great friends. I also suffer from IBS, and Candida. I was tested for yeast in my intestines 4 months ago and it came back moderate-high. Although I have been on a very strict diet of no sugar and no carbs, and have also taken other anti yeast substances along with Threelac, I swear to you all that without Threelac, I would not have gotten completely rid of my Candida. That's right...I retested 3 weeks ago and my panel came back zero intestinal yeast! That's the best testimonial I can give. I am still fighting Candida in my sinuses (one of the hardest places to rid this beast), and will continue my diet and Threelac for several more months. The Price is well worth the results.

  • JAMES BEE - Fake Product!!

    The 2013 McAfee Internet Security software purchased is fake!! It shows that the license on the software is expired on the two PC that it was installed on. It does not recognise the serial numbers on the product!!!!