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  • Rahul Kucheria - Must-Have For Every Child!

    This book is a must-have for each and every kid! It has a lot of lovely stories and also some classics. I love this collection of stories and so does my little girl. I read her one of these stories before bedtime every night and she loves it. It's become such a habit that she simply cannot go to sleep unless I read her a story from this very book.

  • Nancy - HOLEY HOSE

    I really wanted to love this hose to replace a too heavy, too kinky hose. Even though some reviewers indicated problems, I decided to go ahead and order from Amazon anyway. It arrived quickly and well packaged. After unwinding and unscrewing the old hose, I attached this hose and wound it on the hose reel, attached the sprayer and turned it on to have water spray from two holes in the body of the hose and only a trickle come out of the hose end. How disappointing. Well now I was wet and muddy and I had to unwind the hose, clean it off and wind it up to fit back in the box for return shipment. Well I am an elderly woman and found this whole procedure difficult and messy. I have to say that the return was very easy and I got my refund with no problem. I'm still using the too heavy, too kinky old hose that at least doesn't leak.

  • Ryan B - Fantastic Product for Sensitive Skin

    I have incredibly sensitive skin and have tried dozens of creams and soaps without success until this one was discovered. Now I never deviate away from this. I highly recommend. You buy the pre-shave oil from AOS to accompany this for that smooth glide. These two products accompanied by a high quality straight razor is expensive initially but the cream and oil last an incredibly long time because you use about a dime size portion each day. You will save money over time and avoid the bumps all together. (Hydrocortisone is also helpful after you complete your shave I have found).

  • Gerald Thomas - Working With Webroot

    Let me begin by saying Webroot was excited to hear from me regarding the problems with Comodo and Bitdefender that I was having. After my posting they responded with many offers to help solve the problems that the other aforementioned software products failed to get installed. In my postings I stated that I had just purchased 3 user license first for Bitdefender and 2nd for Comodo and due to my hesitancy and lack of success of getting any support from the 2 prior purchased products I had only taken a chance by buying a one user license. The fact that Webroot offered to get it installed on the systems that neither Bitdefender or Comodo could get to work was exciting until they sent an email that said since I had a single user license they could not help. Not sure why having offered to help and anxious to start fixing my problems went to sorry you bought a one user license. Not hard to understand their point but surprised to get a response of pay up or no help after they had excitedly responded to my post on their website of help with nothing mentioned about needing 3rd seat. During my correspondence to Webroot I received a promise from Bitdefender to get their program installed but I told them I was waiting to see what Webroot was going to do. Well not only did Webroot drop any correspondence they set Facebook to not allow any postings from me. My experience in computers is over 30 years and retired from computer support after I got cancer at 59 and already had 3 heart attacks. Now being 69 I have still tried to keep up but my old age does hinder me so now I have to allow others to do their job, but working with me I have a ton of hours of computer phone support to assist. My ending to this story is for Webroot to say we will gladly get our software installed on your other systems and after we are successfull you will need to buy the extra seats. Yet because I had within last month already purchased two new softwares with extra seats and Bitdefender promised to fix the software then I went back to them. If Webroot had made the offer to fix before paying then we would still be trying out their software. Maybe Webroot lost confidence in getting their software installed if Comodo and Bitdefender could not do it so they blocked me from posting on Facebook and left it in the minds of readers that they had offered help but did not want posted how they demanded the money before fixing the problem which we still do not know if they can fix the problem so throwing away more money? In the future Webroot if you actually plan to help someone regardless of single or multiple user you should follow through on your offer then address the extra user issue and to stop me from posting the results of our working experience you block me. To little time to write trash about people or companies but plenty of time to let the public know of OUR actual experiences and then you can judge based on info you would not get elsewhere.