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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Alexander Kleyman - Works great!

    I lost 65 pounds using the pill for 8 month, combined with 1hr a day fast walking. Did not change my diet. (I don't eat junk food anyway)

  • John Doe - Extremely small

    The product is extremely small, making it too small to pick up radio signals. I thought it was a bit bigger, but seriously, the antenna is about 3 or maybe even 4 inches long. Not long enough to pick up signals, but I am to blame for that I guess. I will have to go back and look at the product description, but the picture made it seem like it was longer then what it really is.

  • RoniR - skeptical buyer is convinced

    I needed to hang a series of seven large heavy picture frames, and they all needed to be at exactly the same height. I bought seven sets of the 'large' hanging strips because I thought it would make the hanging process easier than getting all the nails holes in precisely the correct spot, but I had my doubts that these strips would be strong enough to support my 10-pound frames. I was right about this product simplifying the hanging process -- with a few simple measurements and a level, they all went up lickety-split and easy as you please. But I was wrong to doubt their holding strength. The frames have been up for days and show no signs of falling down. I'm really impressed, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product. As a matter of fact, I'm never using traditional hanging hardware for frames ever again. All pictures in my house from this day on will be hung with Command strips. They couldn't be easier and they hold great!

  • jrdbrn - Decent

    The Adams shampoo, which can be purchased at any store, seems to work decent. The smell is one that isn't so pleasant, but our dog seems to have toned down her scratching dramatically and I haven't been able to locate a flee in days.