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  • R. S. Tarnove - Fun for those who like interesting factoids

    I don't know how accurate the information in this book is, I have no reason to doubt anything the author says. I just enjoy books like this with interesting facts and history. Lots of topics covered. Only complaint: the "bonus" facts are white type in a black box and are hard to read on my kindle without increasing the font size.

  • Alan R. Ertle - Great until the Bubble Broke

    Well, I always thought that Good to Great was too good to be true. The author and his team picked several firms that exploded in the late 1980s compared with some selected 'matched' firms that did not do well and tried to identify a set of criteria that they could identify to attribute cause to the effect (success). The problem is that with such retrospective analysis (this would be called a case-control study in clinical research) you can only identify differences and can never attribute cause and effect. These types of studies are inherently poorly resistant to biases inserted by the authors. Typically, they have a preconcieved notion of what they are looking for and then go find it in a self-fulfilling prophesy. This book is no different. The data is from public and published information like SEC reports, other published info, and interviews. The data is pretty subjective.

  • CA Customer - Well done short story but just a tease

    I normally have no interest in short stories, preferring the longer vehicle that allows for more character development. This was well written, but hardly worth the brief time it took to read. Hoping to see more of Crosswhite's story.

  • Kendall - It looks good

    I'm 21 and I'm not bald but do have noticeable thinning at the front of the scalp. Was using rogaine but quit because of the side effects. I was very skeptical about this product at first so I got the free sample. I used it the 1st day and was kind of disappointed because it didnt seem to look like it did in the commercials or ads I had seen and felt kinda hopeless. So I would fiddle with it every now and again until I got the hang of applying it properly and thats the whole trick so now I use it as my only solution and it looks great. That's the only reason I give it 4 stars because its tricky and messy applying it but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a lifesaver. Also don't let it get wet or comb your hair or mess with your hair while Caboki is applied because it will either A. Clump up or B. come out.

  • ANDREA - Good product NEVER use CCWS!

    This is a good product....NEVER use CCWS (Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) it wrecks your KIDNEYS, gave me HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE I never had, nearly caused a is poison and never should have been on the market. I also like the Kroeger products, three for Candida, one Liver, Formula 1 and Formula 2, depending on where you need it, Formula 1 vaginal, 2 other.

  • Amazon Customer - Works good for what we use it for.

    We use this for when we have our family reunion. We always have instruments there and some of us that play in bands now so we use this program to get the additional sounds we want to add for the instruments that are not with us. It works well and the sound is just as good as having that instrument with us. It was easy to load the program and easy to use. You do need to register this program to use all the features but you only have to do it once and of course you can do it online. It only takes a few minutes. If you are having slow connections, lag time between each sound, it's your computer, not this program. This was much less costly than the download because other people had it for sale for about half that price.

  • Amazon Customer - Ideal home solution for quality bluetooth audio connections (transmitter/receiver with Apt-X Low Latency, optical in/out)

    The unit I received was faulty (i.e. it disconnects every time I move a 3ft away from it). I contacted the customer support, and they were fast to respond and sent me a new unit. Am very happy with the purchase. I bought it to replace my Avantree Apt-X Low Latency which does not have optical input/output. It has better range than my Avantree and pairing with my bluetooth devices has been a swift so far.