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  • Katie - So Far so Good!

    I have really light and fine eye lashes, so I tried this product in hopes of making them thicker. This serum is really easy to apply and gentle on the skin/eyes. I have very sensetive skin (that is easliy irritated) and this product did not irritate me at all. I have been using it for a few weeks and I am starting to see a difference. Obviously I would have to give it more time for my lashes to competely grow in, but I am really pleased with the results so far. I can really tell a difference when I use mascara and the new little eyelashed are highlighted by my makeup (without mascara my eyelases are unnoticable). I am really looking forward in a few more weeks when they grow in even more! I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest opinion.

  • Dug T. - while this isnt terrible, its nowhere near what i bought a few ...

    while this isnt terrible, its nowhere near what i bought a few years ago (yes i use spices in moderation as i used to be single) but what mccormics did to this spice is inexcusable.... change it back or SUFFER THE WRATH OF ONE PERSON POSTING CRAP ON FACEBOOK N JUNK!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Dangerous in cold climates.

    I live in Colorado. I didn't realize this used a battery, and they system would turn the fan on and off to recharge the battery. The problem is that it prioritized recharging the battery over heating your home. It decided to do this a 7PM, and outside it was -5. After two hours it my house was 65 degrees. Around 9PM, I figured out that the fan was going of and on, but there was no heat. At 10PM the house was 63 degrees, and still the fan was going off and on, then I finally read about the Next recharging it's battery, and thought it would stop. At 11PM our house dropped to 61 degrees. I pulled off the unit and saw that I could connect it to a computer via a USB cable and thought I could charge it like a phone. At midnight I realized it wouldn't and the temperature kept dropping. I pulled the unit off the wall and hardwired it so that we wouldn't wake up to freezing temperatures.

  • Derik Schneider - Perfect price for a great product.

    Great product great price. Installed in 30 minutes max. Comes with the parts to make it fit both the 1000 and 900's. UTV giants customer service it spot on.

  • Amazon Customer - It's BY FAR the best floss i've ever used

    I was introduced to CocoFloss by my dentist and am completely hooked. It's BY FAR the best floss i've ever used. It has more texture than other floss, which makes it more effective at removing the grit from between teeth. I highly recommend this. It's worth the price.

  • Geoff Chew - Impressive

    I chose this kit over the others because of the hand sanding, not trusting an over-aggressive power drill. The instructions were straight forward and there's also a good YouTube video which I would recommend. The procedure took about 30 mins per headlight and the results were impressive. Several reviews have commented on poor long term performance of this product. I contacted Sylvania about applying a double coating of the stage 3 UV block clear coat as I had a lot left over. Their reply was -

  • ShoppingSharon - Great for arthritis plus many more benefits

    Arthritis runs in my family badly. I had an aunt die at only the age of 53 from the pain patches the drs overdosed her on because of her arthritis (her siblings even won a million dollar lawsuit). When arthritis struck my body this last year at only 45 years old (psoriatic arthritis, gout, and just regular arthritis), I decided I wasn't going to the drs for their meds but I would take God's cure, which is tumeric. Tumeric is a great anti inflammatory and really has helped ease the pain without the bad side effects of drugs. This brand by Schwartz that I bought almost three weeks ago is amazing! When studying tumeric, I found it not only helps fight arthritis, but it helps fight diabetes, depression, cholesterol, good for vascular thrombosis, has anticancer effects, heals the gut, good for pain management, and can replace steroids without the side effects. Taking it in this capsule form by Schwartz makes it more convenient too in case I can't don't have time to add tumeric powder to my juice or smoothies. Everyone should be taking tumeric everyday. EVERYDAY!