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  • Bruce lawrence - Leaks badly, I returned it

    I have used the Waterpik for several years. It diedt and I went to buy another one, then changed my mind. It was not well made, it leaked, the tool holder broke, and it died too soon... and it cost twice as much as this H2ofloss. After reading the reviews I decided to give this one a try.

  • Maria Figueroa - Amazing !

    My god, Gaga never disappoints. The only song I am not particularly fond of is A-YO but that's only because I'm not a fan of country music, and it was definitely country-inspired. My absolute favorite was Grigio Girls, followed by Hey Girl. A simply down-to-earth album with a 90s vibe all over. Simply the best <3

  • Chris - It's not bad at all

    People want to jump on the bandwagon and bash this guy without actually listening to his album. It's not bad at all. Give it a shot.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic product, great price!

    Great price and great product! I have frizzy wavy hair and this helps to keep my hair in good condition, less frizzy. It also is soothing to my scalp - I normally have an itchy, dry scalp and need to use T-Gel a few times a week, but since I have used this shampoo almost daily I have hardly ever had to use the T-Gel! It is worth every penny!

  • Love2by - LOVE IT!

    Shippin was fast and more affordable than the one in CHRISTINA MALL IN DELAWARE. Exactly what I ordered! Get one I love it. Works as good as the expense ones

  • MandBinc - This was a better deal

    I had intended to change my AV to something else but found that Norton AV was a better deal. The only caveat is that after installation you need to run an extended update process which ties up the PC for a while.