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  • james g lodolce - Very bad software program. don't do it

    This software was a disaster for me. I am an advanced user, running Windows 7-64, Dell XPX 8300 i-7 processor, 8GB RAM. My hard drive crashed, and I had to install a new HD. I installed an Intel SSD 720 250 GB as primary HD, WD 1TB secondary HD. I reinstalled Windows, all the drivers, then all my software and data files. The setup worked spectacularly. I planned to make a clone of my primary HD on the secondary, so that if I crashed again in the future, my operating system would be backed up and I could boot from the secondary drive, insert a new primary, clone back to the new primary. Sounds great, until Acronis appeared on the scene, recommended by a friend. Rebooted after my first clone, and I could not reboot from either HD. Suffered through 3 online chats supports from India for 3.5 hours and they could not help. I finally was able to fix it enough to reboot, but only if both drives were plugged into SATA ports. If I unplugged one or the other, it would not boot. I had to pay $20 to have a phone support with a supervisor, and after 2 hours got nowhere. I tried reinstalling Windows in Upgrade mode, and nothing changed. I then tried reinstalling in custom mode, and nothing changed. I then unplugged the secondary drive and reinstalled on primary drive, formatted the secondary drive, and find that most of the space on the primary drive is still taken up by old hidden Windows files from the original installation. So now I have to unplug primary, reinstall windows on secondary drive, then format the primary drive, reinstall Windows on pimary, and format the secondary again. Then I have to reinstall drivers, software programs and data. This is a full 3 day project. I hope they refund what I paid for the program and the $20 telephone support charge which did not help fix the system. I hope to never hear or read the word Acromis ever again

  • Madison King - so I can't say how good it is at increasing fertility

    I have only tried one packet of this because I got it as a sample, so I can't say how good it is at increasing fertility. I mixed the packet in some plain water and hated the taste. I know it recommends mixing it in a smoothie or other drink, maybe to hide the taste?

  • Lauren Simpson - Great Product

    This is the perfect curling wand for every person wanting great results for easy to curl hair. Creates soft desirable curls even for shoulder length hair with an easy to grip handle. Im glad I did my homework on this one and I Love it!!

  • alan - which I think is the most comfortable shoe I've worn

    I have two pairs of the GT-2000, which I think is the most comfortable shoe I've worn. I thought Gt-3000, Wow I have to have a pair, they must be 1,000 time better, not the case, not worth the money, I hope there are others out there that feel the same way our reviews will help keep these companies on there toes. Asics decided to cut a few corners on this one. It did not seem as comfortable.

  • C. Collins - Major Spoiler Alerts for Major Bad Book

    I feel cheated at spending $10.00 for this book when I see everyone else got it for 99 cents! LIke many readers, I do my research. I make sure it's a book that got good ratings and more than 3 stars. This book promised everything, and so I put in my credit card digits and anxiously awaited this book. I'll admit that as a Twilight fanatic, I was willing to go back in to that fantasy realm world of vampires and hoped it would be a good book series as it had 1 of 22 books.