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  • Brian - Good looking but very bad image ghosting

    I have three of these monitors in surround. I am a pretty serious gamer and I wanted these monitors for the thin bezels and anti glare screen. All was good when I got them and set them up. Man do they look nice! The stand is pretty high quality and the screen in very thin. On first boot they were bright and decently colorful. Not as good as my old one, but for the price not bad. I soon noticed that the color was not the same on all monitors. one of them had slightly less bright whites, and one had whites with a slight tint of yellow. This was mostly fixed with some adjusting in the settings. So far these issues are easy to look over since they look so nice and nothing beats having three identical monitors. However they are not that great for the one reason I bought them for: Gaming. These monitors have SERIOUS image ghosting. If you don't know what this is, its when the pixels leave a shadow behinds moving images on the screen because they cant change color fast enough. This adds very noticeable white and black shadows in every game even the desktop. Coming from a higher quality (now discontinued monitor) these do not perform very well in that regard. The pixels are very slow. Even textures with little contrast get blurred when moving forward.

  • Amazon Customer - One of the best products that I was blessed to be introduced to ...

    One of the best products that I was blessed to be introduced to by a friend . Some people eat to live and some people live to eat , I love food but didnt always make the best choices and no matter how many different CRAZY diets I did it always felt like I was suffering and would either get sick or disappointing by how they made me feel . I'm happy to say that since I started using natures burn I feel 1 much much more energy, 2 I feel healthier than ever and 3 it suppresses my appetite to a point that I am no longer "eating with my eyes" and craving unhealthy foods but actually eating the good foods that my body craves. I can honestly say that if you give this product a try you will love it ! I don't hold back my cravings at all because now I crave only what my body actually wants and needs

  • Joseph valente - Making the songs you're own!

    When John Pizzarelli records different song writer's whoever thay may be he OWNS THE SONG! The album is great & of course songs by Paul can't be bad.

  • Jazoko - Rapist Vampires who enslave, rape, and murder humans

    This is a book about a girl and a vampire who fall in love. The issue being that said vampire had admitted to raping and murdering at least one girl but it is heavily implied that he has raped and murdered hundreds or even thousands of girls and feels zero remorse about that fact. Also the human girl is his kidnapped slave so yeah this book is pretty messed up and disturbing. Why they would make the love interest a literal rapist is beyond me.

  • Unity Rise - If it looks too good to be true.....

    If it looks too good to be true then it probably is. The website sells crap from Asia to westerners willing to pay next to nothing for shipping and costs. Read the reviews....the real reviews on the website and you'll see what I'm talking about. Don't waste your time.

  • JeffM - Good Product - Poor Support

    Been an Acronis user for a few years, including 2016. The product does function as advertised with a few bugs (that do not impact backup and recovery, at least for me). But be warned: Acronis has a terrible support policy. You can only get support for 30 days after purchase unless you want to pay for support! And even when they come out with an update, if there is a problem there is NO way to report it (and no I am not going to pay to report their problems). Yes they have a forum, but it says right on the site that Acronis does not monitor the forum, so if you post a problem all you get is a lot of other users agreeing with you that there is a problem - but you don't get a solution.