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  • William W - Arrived defective

    I purchased this for the novelty of the RGB feature despite my friends warning me against Razer products QC issues. I was unlucky and they were right. I received the BlackWidow Chroma with a defunct [E] button. I checked if it was a software issue with Synapse, cleared all macros, and tested it on another PC with the same results. Contacted Razer's tech support and came to the same conclusion that the keyboard was faulty and I returned it and am currently using a fully functioning Corsair k70.

  • Ralph - I purchased it because I wanted anti-virus software that was ...

    I purchased it because I wanted anti-virus software that was fast and didn't slow my system down. That's what I got. Full scans take six minutes and the background scanning is imperceptible even on a slow machine. I can't say it finds every virus out there, but so far as I know the machine has been clean since I installed it.

  • RobinTrumpeter - A Horrible Program

    I bought this program after using a card program for several years. With my old program I could design posters, customize cards, make pretty much what ever I wanted. It was easy to use and figure out how to customize and make things the way you wanted them to be. I consider myself fairly computer literate, but this program is very difficult to use. The only thing I can do with it is use their "cookie cutter" cards. The program is not very easy to use. For example...I am trying to make a calendar for the month. The only templates they have have no grid and no easy way to make my own grid to make each day have it's own square. I go to their premade examples and the ready made calendars look like they have grids on them until you click on them to use them, then they look completely different and have no lines. This is just one example of the frustrating problems I have found with this program.

  • Albert.O - Learning to code

    I am on chapter 3 of 31 now. Lots of good background information about insurance and necessary information to understand how to decipher the information in the ICD-9 manual. I have the 2011 version, so I am not up to date. The 2011 version is much cheaper since it is not up to date, but I wanted to learn the ins and outs of how to code and that is what I am getting. I feel I am getting a good learning experience with this purchase.