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City: -80.9091 North Carolina, United States

  • aimie - other swiffers are more useful

    I don't really like this swiffer sweeper. I have two others and i feel they work better. I love the vacuum swiffer and also the swiffer that squirts the detergent by a pushbutton. The wet cleaner pads get used up too quickly on this one.

  • Haily Radnor - Great Ball

    Great all around indoor ball. The grip allows me to set the ball fairly descent; additionally I can get a really good standing floater serve in. The only thing that concerns me is that I do have to check the PSI before every use. It does seem to require some air more often than not; but then again this is my first ball I've ever purchased so I don't know if all balls require that or not. Either way, this is my go to ball.

  • Brian Watkins - Great deck

    This is a legit deck. I have used it several times and it can hold up on its own against other customized decks. The deck is aggressive in making players draw and using sorcery/instants to its advantage. Its fun to play with.

  • Zaid - Disappointed

    I thought I found a miracle product and then my most recent order was incredibly disappointing. It didn't even have the same tingly feeling when applying it. My acne has already started coming back. Was there a formula change or what?