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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Thîãš Lïght - Awesome little performer!

    A bit bigger than I expected, but it comes with around the ear clips and earbud tips of various sizes. There's almost no way you can't make this comfortable. Battery life is superb, charging time is fast, i'm still not sure how well the microphone works because I can't figure out voice-dialing with SIri. Had some trouble with a split zipper on the carrying case, it just wont re-mesh, but I never use it beyond storage of extra parts anyhow.

  • Maia Appleby - I'm a Binder Mom

    I'm proud to say that I'm in this binder. I've spent 20 years working my way up from Walmart mom to soccer mom, and finally, I've hit the glass ceiling. I'm a binder mom! I highly recommend this binder I'm in, but be aware that if you purchase it, you must be flexible and let me put a ham in the oven by 5. Otherwise, my kids might resort to gun violence.

  • K. Peterson - Best Produce Cleaner

    I've been using Basic H since I was a child to clean my fruits and vegetables. Works great and doesn't leave a residue or funny taste. Have to be careful with all of the chemicals on our produce these days. Rinsing with water just isn't enough anymore. This stuff is organic, safe and effective.

  • toddsz24 - Cravings are gone!

    I've always had a problem with snacking in the evening but after I started taking this a couple weeks ago the cravings are gone. I'm now able to easily stick to my meal plan. Definitely worth the money for me.

  • Matrixpunisher - Epic!

    It took me 1200 trips to the sperm bank and numerous bandaids from all the scabbing to raise the money for this beast, but boy was it worth it. It was a win win.

  • gbodyjoe - Terrible product

    I, like many others, read and followed all the instructions from start to finish. I was so happy that the deck that looked so bad in the beginning, now looked so good when done. That was in August 2013, fast forward to this spring 2014 and the results were horrible. The material is lifting in huge sections all over my 1000 sq ft deck and it looks like crap now. I know we had our worst winter ever in SE Michigan, BUT I wasted a huge investment of 7, 4 gallon pails, as well as, my time for prep and application. So now what do I do?

  • Mary Blankenship - Worked as said!!! Continued to lose AFTER ...

    Worked as said!!! Continued to lose AFTER I stopped this 24 challenge..... because I knew how to eat right!!!