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  • Amazon Customer - Game Changer!

    What a transcendent product! After 10 days on MasterBrain my focus and productivity was through the roof!

  • Luigi - Initial blade changing is horrible - screws/jib bolts are incredibly bolted in.

    As this was the first time I bought a thickness planer, I wanted to know if it came with blades with it or if I had to buy them extra (They did come with the unit). The instructions for replacing the blades were easy enough, and there was a video I watched in order to change the blades.

  • SanFranReviews - Excellent lumbar support belt for people who work

    I purchased this item for a family member that does construction work and previously they were using a back support belt that does not have these suspenders and also I believe they're Bell is dinner in diameter from south to north. He finds it extremely handy that he can just detach the bell when he wants to and it has the extra option of tightening up even moreYou're added support with a little pouch in the front two for added convenience.

  • Han Solo - Parsecs

    You lookin' for passage to the Alderaan system? Well let me tell you this Tv made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. She's the fastest Tv in the Galaxy you won't be disapointed.

  • Ollie - Using as treatment for intestinal parasites in dogs

    I recommend you always contact your vet before giving your dog any herbal treatments and am not advocating the use of Goldenseal for anything than its stated purpose or benefits. I can only share my experience with my two labs and caution you to do your own research to be certain that no harm will come to your animals. Our dogs are constantly exposed to wooded streams and ponds during our walks and like most labs gladly refresh themselves with water from a clear stream or scummy pond. Several times over the years, they would get bouts of diarrhea lasting more than a couple of days prompting us to get them in to the vet for treatment. Often the vet would prescribe medication to kill intestinal parasites which would invariably clear up the symptoms and get the dogs back to good health. After the 4th or 5th time to the vet, I decided to look for something that could be used as a preventative, as the dogs were definitely not going to stop drinking from muddy puddles or contaminated streams (thinking giardia). Goldenseal was mentioned in several places on the web as a possible preventative so I bought a bottle to try it out. One of the labs was particularly prone to get loose stools so it was relatively easy to see the results. Within a month, the dog's stools were back to normal and we have not had another bout of diarrhea in either dog since starting them on Goldenseal. I can't recommend dosages, better for you to discuss with your vet, but I periodically add the powdered Goldenseal to their dry food and mix with a small amount of water. Labs are not known to be picky eaters so I was not expecting them to turn down eating but they actually seem to like the taste. But again, these are the same dogs lapping up that pond water in the first place.

  • Charles C. - Amazing

    It's so easy to be skeptical when buying third party toner cartridges. I almost always expect something to go wrong with having streaks printing or blank lines running down the page. I saw the reviews for LD toner cartridges and figured I'd give it a shot as they seem to have a good reputation going, and I definitely was not disappointed. There's really nothing more that needs to be said other than it works, and it works very well. I've been on the same cartridge printing faded documents for some time now and I almost forgot how crisp printouts can be. I really appreciate LD for delivering a quality toner cartridge. I also ordered one for my neighbor's HP 1010 printer and it is working perfectly as well.

  • happy camper - highly recommended, not only a whiting cream but also a great deodorant

    We have received the delivery of the Underarm Whitening Cream - Skin Lightening - Dark Spot Corrector - Natural Treat Skin Conditions - Exfoliate & Moisturize Skin - Reducing Odor & Deodorant Function - Effective Safe Bleaching Substitute