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  • LoLo - Add style and flare to your Jeep

    I have had these now for over a year and they really turn heads. Put these in a White Gold Grand Cherokee Limited and they look good. The bezels have held up well and have not cracked or peeled. I am pleased with these bezels and would recommend them to anyone who wanted to trick out the Jeep. I noticed that Jeep even did more chrome on the front for 2014. Looks good !!

  • Amazon Customer - I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone taking a standard pre-employment test

    Extreme cardio work outs+QCarbo32+8 days+following directions=Success! I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone taking a standard pre-employment test. My world is right once again!

  • Melissa Meade - Beware of the raves on this product.

    First off, I bought this product largely based on its 4.5 star rating on Amazon. Upon further examination you will notice that most of the raves for this product are "one review" writers. I am making no accusations, but this is at least a bit dubious.

  • Crazy Gracie - Cost, online meds or the Vet

    My cat was throwing up severely, to the point of foaming at the mouth, unable to keep her balance, and hiding. Also, lost weight, diminished coat, consistent scratching of her head and extremely hyper. Took her to the vet, had blood and urine test done. (Can cost some money, but worth it.) Vet told me it looked like thyroid, but was not sure until he got the results. I immediately looked online for thyroid medicine, ordered this product. Vet had results in a few days, it was a hyper-thyroid, prescribed meds (Methimazole), noticed a big improvement within the first 3 days. 6 to 7.6 pound gain in the first 30 days, her highest weight was 9 pounds, she is a petite cat. She only vomited once the first week, on meds for 30 days, gained weight, coat looks better, and she has calmed down.