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  • Oldtymr46 - Could be better

    Brings back memories of my old Gerber guardian, except for this NASTY PLASTIC CASE. 27 yrs in the army (infantry) and my old Gerber was right there with me until I retired in 93 then it went to my grandson who now carries it proudly OVER THERE! I'll be looking to replace the case.Oh by the way this thing wouldn't cut butter,GERBER HAS REALLY WENT DOWN HILL!

  • Amazon Customer - and can't claim better focus or memory

    Ran through a 30 count, and can't claim better focus or memory. Not sure if there is a 'build up period' (as in you need 2 months worth before you feel increase focus/memory), but 30 pills taken as directed did not provide me any noticeable changes.