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  • Rachel B - Slightly disappointed

    I ordered this on accident when I meant to order the special blend. I went ahead and took it any way and it hasn't worked. The special blend worked so well that I was still able to pump 6 ounces AFTER each feeding. Now that I am back to work I have to pump during the day and I am barely able to pump 4 ounces each time. My freezer stash is gone since I can't even pump enough for a full meal in one session. I am going to go back to the special blend.

  • Beowolf Jones - Works well for minor pain

    First, I don't have arthritis but do periodically suffer from neck joint pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and thankfully not too often gout.. This stuff really works well in relieving the aches. When my neck acts up I will go through 4 oz. of this stuff in a month. If a joint gets to aching I will slap some more on in the middle of the night and go back to sleep. Another cream that works well sometimes is TOPRICIN. Sometimes I use both and it helps. When I get a gout attack in my big toe I apply AD several time a day and at night.