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  • RALPH WHITEY - No good deed goes unpunished.

    I think I have read and enjoyed virtually every book written by Mr. Griffin. He is an excellent storyteller and author. Since I am a native of Bucks county, I can relate to the Philadelphia Police Department novels and the characters. The World War Two stories are still on my bookshelves and are revisited periodically as well.

  • Snowplow - DON'T BUY! Labeled for sale only OUTSIDE THE U.S. and won't install!

    Product was labeled for sale only in (some non-US country, don't recall where now) and wouldn't install, so was essentially worthless. Neither Amazon nor the seller tech_direct would do anything about it. Won't buy software from either again.

  • RichZ - Don't Buy It

    The software is ok but what they don't tell you is that in order to run it, you have to buy a maintenance agreement at the end of the year, which costs more than the original software - and then every other year after! When you call with questions, as part of the maintenance agreement, you are sometimes put on hold for hours.

  • CORE Trainer Carla Z - Great, light jacket!

    This jacket looks good, is light, crumbles up to fit into your purse, and most importantly, is WARM! This is my go-to jacket now!

  • Marcy Roberts - it's like you cannot wait to see happens next

    I have read every Shade book Bella has wrote, when I started reading that's kinda what I was expecting but boy was I wrong. This book is the most thrilling, keep you on the edge of your seat and not be able to put down book I've read this year! The story grabs you and just won't let go, it's like you cannot wait to see happens next. I was skeptical about the new series from Bella but she reels you in with it. Excellent story line and characters ( some you just love others if you could reach through the book and throat punch them you probably would), and such different worlds. She's a genius! My favorite book of her's and that's saying alot because I am a proud Shaddict! Great work defiantly won't regret reading this one!

  • Mrs. Ann Mcfarland - So far so good...

    I bought this product after a bit of study and research. I was told by the nail tech that I had a bit of nail fungus! (I was horrified!) So before I went the 'extreme' pharmeceutical route (with side effects). I chose Zetaclear because it offered a homeopathic remedy made from different oils. I have been using it a month and so far the new nail growth is clear and free of fungus and yellowing. I have given up wearing nail polish, keep my feet dry and wear cotton socks. When and if the entire nail/nail bed is free of yellow/fungus/flaking - I will definately give this product a big 5 star rating. But for now So far and so good...