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  • B. Pompei - steam vac

    Got my Steam and Sweep today and couldn't wait to unpack it. I have hard floors and a dog that sheds. I try to sweep and the hair flies around and when I get the mop and bucket I have lots of hair and other dirt that ends up floating on the water in the bucket. This seems to fill the bill for cleaning and getting most of the grit. Two comments on the negative side - since the "sweep" part is in the front followed by the pad you can't get the pad right up to the baseboard unless you have room to maneuver the unit and hit the baseboard with the side of the head. Second comment - don't try to open the tray that collects the dirt in the house and lots of little bits fall out and then you have to vacuum them up or....the tray gets damp so you'll probably want to rinse the tray out and let dry before putting the unit away. Enjoy! I know I will.

  • Isha Coleman - Passionate and magnetic ....

    A decadent tale of love lust and blatant sensuality are the words to best sum up Seducing the Marquess. Can a marriage built on etiquette survive the storm brewing behind closed Doors? Eugenia is willing to break all the rules in order to gain her husband love, but will she end up breaking her own heart in the process? Bring on the naughty. It's getting hot in here. Passion, confusion and romance are the driving force behind this steamy but magnetic love story.

  • Cherri - I get bad ones and thankfully not often

    If you can "love" a cold sore remedy - this would be the one. I get bad ones and thankfully not often. My only complaint would be that the tube is so tiny that it barely gets me through the treatment. It works better than any of the several others I have tried. It is quite costly $18 I think, but still less than I have seen in the retail stores. I would recommend it. If you are prone to breakouts, I would suggest having one on hand because you need to start immediately when it first appears.

  • Amazon Customer - Compact and Fun Toy

    The kids LOVE this blaster. It's compact and easy to use (even for a 4 year old though she initially she had a bit of trouble yanking the orange thing down). The darts shoot really far and high up, and they don't hurt if they hit you. Because they shoot so far though, buy the big pack of refill darts as these go missing pretty quickly and then show up in random places.

  • Coco - Another product that doesn't work

    No OTC nail products seem to work. Got an infection in one nail after getting pedicure from local spa (now closed). Have not found any products that have worked to cure the problem.

  • Flipper - Excellent car seat - big and comfy but svelte!

    Despite being fairly large, heavily built, and loaded with padding, the Clek Fllo is one of the narrowest carseats on the market, and is easy to install as well. We liked this seat so much we now own two of them, one for each car. Amazingly, we were able to install this into the center position of our 2009 Toyota Corolla. Despite this being a fairly large seat and the Corolla being a small car, the back of the seat is contoured such that the driver and passenger seats can be moved all the way back without lifting the front of the Fllo up.