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  • Ms. S - Mixed Results

    The first time I used this creme, it caused all the skin on my face and neck to slough -- an almost instant (and un-requested) exfoliation! Which looked great for maybe the next hour or two, but soon (even with moisturizer applications) left me severely dried out... as if my skin cells had all been stripped of any moisture or nutrients. So, I have to say, as pleasant + smooth as the cream feels to the touch, it's proven itself UNACCEPTABLY HARSH. The results are not always as radical and instantly exfoliating as that first application -- and it did lighten dark spots a bit -- but, always after a couple of hours, it turns insidiously and seriously drying. It's not supposed to be an exfoliant or skin lightener, so who knows what else it's 'accomplishing'... good or bad. (If I could find the darn receipt, I would definitely take it back to Whole Foods for a full refund.)

  • MandBinc - This was a better deal

    I had intended to change my AV to something else but found that Norton AV was a better deal. The only caveat is that after installation you need to run an extended update process which ties up the PC for a while.

  • J. Kopeny - Absolute classic.

    I still have the original vinyl of this and picked up this to replace a scratched to hell CD version of it. This is one of the RARE examples of theater merging (mostly) successfully with Rock instead of the other way around.

  • Henry Kim - Very nice and comfortable for mountain biking

    Very nice and comfortable for mountain biking. I used this for the NICA competitions for High school in SoCal, and these allow for great grip with comfort. In addition, the added ability to use my phone is nice as I track my rides by using strava. However, the coating slowly peels away over time through constant use.

  • Lori_1971 - Only Vitamins my son will eat

    My 4 year old has a ton of food allergies and is in preschool which makes him a germ magnet. We give him these and their multi vitamins so that he gets all that he needs. He loves the taste, and we love that they don't have all of the artificial ingredients that other vitamins have.