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  • A. Anderson - Disappointed- Complete Failure

    They had the opportunity to make a workable program but they left their customers scratching heads. If you don't know someone that already uses it then you will be left for days just hunting and pecking until you can plot a course. But before you even get there you have to install drivers for the GSP that will not configure itself with the program. Be ready to reboot several times and doing driver repairs on your system USB ports and more reboots. All this to get ready to manually configure the GPS device in their own program! - REALLY DELORME - WTH?

  • Louis Snyder - I feel confident that they will not fall out when working out.

    I work out a lot, and my wired headphones are always getting tangled. Sometimes the wires will pull on a piece of equipment and send my phone or ipod flying. I was tired of being "tied up", so I decided to try the Vtin VRazr series bluetooth wireless Sport Headsets Earbuds w/ APT-X Tech, Built-in Mic for Sports/Running/Gym/Exercise, Compatible with iPhone and Android. I personally have an android phone, but I also have an ipod. It works on both, which is fantastic. It comes with over-the-ear hooks, which are great for keeping the buds in place when being active. It also comes with extra ear bud tips and a nice mesh carrying case. The ergonomical design allows you to easily adjust them to firmly hold the earbuds in your ears. I feel confident that they will not fall out when working out. I can also switch out the size of the earbuds to make them fit better and more comfortably. The instructions were very clear and it was really easy to set up. You just have to charge them up, turn on the power, and pair them to your device via bluetooth. There are on-board controls on the right earbud that make it easy to navigate through your music without pulling your device out. The upgraded V4.1 technology allows me to go up to 39ft away from my device and they will still work - this means I can leave it in my purse while I work out and walk around the gym! Talk about freedom! What is even more awesome is that you can pair these with 2 bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously. This is great because I have an android phone and an ipod. The sound is really high quality. The advanced APT-X tech headset delivers high fidelity and dynamic sound with rich, deep bass. I listen to a lot of rap when I work out, so this is key. The highs and mid are also very good with a variety of other music styles. This is a very long lasting battery - about 5 hours of straight playing time. It has a rechargeable polymer lithium battery. I'm very happy with this product and it truly brings my workouts to the next level!

  • Abby Romano - using this product has made my hair so much thicker and fuller and my curls are beautiful and healthy looking

    I have curly hair and with stress and winter wear, my hair began to think and become limp and ugly.. using this product has made my hair so much thicker and fuller and my curls are beautiful and healthy looking!!!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic!!!

    Unbelievable cd!! The songs are beautifully written. Barry's voice is solid and the mix is fabulous. Highly recommend this album to anyone especially, Bee Gees fans. I could keep going on, but hear it for yourself and you will agree.

  • David A. Graves - But live ones do

    After all those autopsies on animals and people what more proof do you need. Doctors are lying to us to line their own pockets. It's all about the money. We would be safer going to a Vet. than a human doctor. With no insurance or money most won't even try to help. But if you have a lot of money or really good insurance they have plenty of procedures for you for all the new diseases you now have. Mostly caused by the food additives we eat or the pills we take. Don't worry once the side effects of your medication kick in they have a new pill for you. God help us!

  • Chad D. - The Phone App Option is Awesom!

    Bought this game over the holidays for a killer deal ($19.99) for 3 young children under the age of 10.

  • chardonite - An excellent product

    I really like my Navien it works exactly like promised. Three showers can be used a once with no problem.The main thing with all tank less heaters is gas supply.My gas meter was only rated at 350,000 btu's. Not enough to run the tank less plus other appliances. The gas company upgraded it for free to a 1,000,000 btu unit and I have had no problems at all.I put it in myself in one day and sold my used hot water tank on Craig's list. I would wouldn't be afraid to buy one of these they are a good product.....