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  • Naomi States ([email protected]) - Great! A must-read for anyone wanting health and longevity!

    Since taking DHEA I have lost body fat, my exercise is more effective, I feel better, and my libido has increased! Read this book! Stephen Cherniske not only describes what DHEA can do for you, but teaches in detail a lifestyle consistent with health and longevity. DHEA restores balance to the immune system, strengthens bones, decreases recovery time after a workout, reduces body fat, decreases risk of heart disease, decreases risk of cancer, and decreases hyperinsulinism which contributes to obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and adult onset diabetes. DHEA tells the brain: "I'm young!..keep me well, alive, and kicking!" Wouldn't you like to take the DHEA and other health-building products that Steve Cherniske himself has formulated?

  • D. Coffing - Good for it's price

    Ok so YES...the grind could be a tad more consistent....but it's not terrible. Three reasons to seriously consider this grinder:

  • mo' wood - likely counterfeit

    Ultra-low price should have tipped me off. No lot # or exp. date either. Do not purchase from or anyone other than TendSkin themselves.