Alcohol Treatment Centre & Addiction Treatment Centre, Alcohol Rehab - Round Lake - Round Lake Alcohol & Drug rehab treatment centre for addiction is an accredited Native drug and abuse society recovery centre in BC

  • Contact Round Lake Treatment Centre - Round Lake - Admission to Round Lake Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center must be through your Counselor or Referral Worker
  • CARF accredited Alcohol Treatment & Drug Treatment Center - Round Lake - Round Lake Treatment Centre is an alcohol and drug addiction rehab treatment center with a focus on first nations wellness
  • Round Lake Alcohol Treatment Centre History - Round Lake - Round Lake alcohol & drug abuse treatment center history and the Native Alcohol Abuse Society history
  • Alcohol abuse treatment program philosophy - Round Lake - Our Alcohol treatment center program philosophy centers around Culture as a Cure.
  • CARF Accreditation Native Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centre - Round Lake - Round Lake is a CARF Accredited center offering alcohol rehab and drug rehab treatment programs
  • Leaders in Alcohol & Drug Recovery - Round Lake - Our team of professionals are experts at treatment for addiction and treatment for alcohol abuse
  • Employment Opportunities - Round Lake - Round Lake Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center employees opportunities are found here
  • Anniversary Celebrations - Round Lake - Round Lake treatment Centre will celebrate 35 years of service in 2014. Learn More
  • Round Lake Treatment Centre Scholarships - Round Lake - Round Lake alcohol & drug abuse treatment center scholarships and the Native Alcohol Abuse Society scholarships

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    City: -119.4852 British Columbia, Canada

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