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  • Vodka Norma Narkomovskaya - Dear Madam/Sir ..., I wish to present to your attention the company JSC"AMEGA GLASS" which has a full cycle of manufacture of Genuine Russian Vodka. JSC"AMEGA GLASS" makes bottles, develops design of a label, creates new recipes of vodka, bottling vodka and sells to buyers. Our company co-operates with distributors of big cities of R
  • PETROLEUM PRODUCT, (JP54 & A1, M100, D2 , D6 ) - \r\n We sell Russian origin MAZUT M100, DIESEL D2, AVAIATION KEROSINE JP54 on C.I.F and F.O.B basis for spot and annual contacts while TTO title takeover transaction of loaded oil tanker vessel are also available for capable buyers.We have allocation for to sell and supply the said commodity so we request your kind inquiries to enable us commence lon
  • DIESEL D2 - We are producers of our oil products directly with the aim to connect our serious buyers to our real and genuine sellers for the oil and gas trading and exportations. Our main task is to link suppliers with end buyers for every single successful deal. We are producing and selling the following products and more. REBCO-Russia exportable blend crude oil | S

    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Robin I. - Love this as a dog shampoo!

    I bought this to use on my dogs. I have an English mastiff with course hair that is not very soft by nature, and an Australian shepherd with long hair that tends to get frizzy. This made my mastiffs hair much softer and it made my shepherds hair much easier to manage and it didn't frizz when it dried! It was also very easy to wash out of their hair without residue

  • lisa nicoletti - I haven't heard anything this raw and beautiful in such a long time

    This album has absolutely touched my soul. I haven't heard anything this raw and beautiful in such a long time. I am so proud of you Gaga. Thank you for never disappointing and making my life that much better cause you're in it!

  • jood - Great product....BUT....

    This works great to kill eggs, etc, but I don't put it on my pets because it isn't quite as benign as it sounds, although it's much better than most products. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Benzoate are not good and I don't want my dogs licking it off them and ingesting it. I use this spray around baseboards, under furniture even ON furniture and on the wicker-type crate. We had quite an infestation before we knew it and I successfully cleaned it up using (mostly) non-toxic means.

  • Paris - what's not to like?? thank you!

    fun game, animations are decent but its not suppose to be super pretty anyway, i like the running with jillian feature. quick shipping. brand new.

  • Jennifer Ely - A great concept, with poor execution

    The idea of a person being turned into a Mage by the tattoos they get was super cool. And the main character had fire in her from the beginning. But everything felt disjointed. Not just because it was a serial, but because the author was everywhere, in the minds of four to five characters. There was little to no development of any of them because of that. And (SPOILER) the two biggest baddies of the whole thing are so cool, they've got such potential...and then they're gone. Completely inconsequential. The ending was completely underwhelming. Sorry, just not a great actualization of a pretty sweet concept.

  • David Wright - An excellent manual for Access novices

    I have some experience with databases and database structure, but almost none with Access, and this manual has been close to perfect as I convert a membership database for a volunteer organization from Excel to a more appropriate applicaiton. It introduces database concepts in a clear and painless way, with lots of examples and tips for more experienced users. Really experienced users would be put off by all the examples and the wordiness, but I have found it to be very helpful. The author uses examples that are approachable, but complex enough to show many Access features that are much harder to describe clearly than to show by example. I highly recommend this book, at least for users with similar backgrounds.