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  • SoCalgirl - but very easily removed.

    Ok.. I used it every morning and night for two weeks, and didn't see a drastic whiter teeth, but did help. I used two different toothbrushes, one to use as my regular and one for this charcoal dust. Be sure to put wipe your sink out ASAP, cause the charcoal when it gets wet turns everything black, but very easily removed.

  • Excavatomg Woman - Sealing grain based foods will preserve for longer

    The basic quality of bags is fairly good. The little blue zip device is kind of useless so don’t be upset when it comes off. They are easy enough to seal by hand. Just as an experiment I decided to seal a yarn afghan. The pump pulls all the air out easily enough and sealing back the port is done without any air going back in. My problem is that the very first bag slowly lost its vacuum in a few hours. I did the process again and the same results happened overnight. Maybe it’s because I had pulled it into a rock hard lump. The other bags held up fine, but I didn’t pull quite as hard of a vacuum.

  • Norman M. Nichols - After 1 Year of Use the Results Are Great!!!!

    I started using the Laser Comb in March of 2008, and have used it for a full year now with very good results! When you first start using the Laser Comb you will notice hair shedding for about a month and a half, (will appear that your hair loss has gotten worse) but....stick with it no matter how much you want to stop using it, because it will make your hair grow back much thicker! I really started noticing the difference about 3-4 months into my treatments, then it seemed to shed a little once again,(not nearly as bad though as the initial shedding phase) but grew back once again! About 6 months into it I noticed a pretty big difference, my hair count had doubled in thickness, and filled in the front and back nicely. So after a year of use my hair growth continues to get better....in fact my boss noticed how much the back of my scalp had filled in, and was completely shocked at the results! (she was skeptical about it when I first purchased it) She now believes in the comb after seeing the results first hand. When you use this comb it is very important that you use it after washing your hair, and use on a clean scalp.(before using hair products) This helps the laser penetrate into the scalp.You need to also use it 3 times a week, every other day for maximum results. So I highly recommend that you purchase this before you lose anymore hair, once you completely lose it you can't regrow it back. :( I Hope this review has helped you, and good luck with your hair regrowth!

  • buyer - waste of money. not durable

    I did extensive research prior to using this. At the time, it seemed like a good, durable product. The only criticisms I'd seen had to do with difficulty in applying, not with durability. I should have listened when the Salesman at Home Depot warned me. It went on great and looked amazing. That was Sept 2013. Now that spring has arrived, its cracking, peeling and bubbling. It looks like crap.

  • Amazon Customer - Gaiam Chai Premium Yoga Mat

    This mat is no good for yoga - slip all over the place. No matter what posture, hands or feet, "slip sliding away". I bought this to replace an older mat which I'm glad I didn't throw away. I don't slip on the old mat. I'm extremely disappointed. Everyone at the yoga class noted how slippery it was. Grade "F". In addition, the smell was overwhelming. Nothing like taking in a big chemical inhale with this mat - I thought I was going to be physically ill.

  • Michael J. Thoresen - These paintings are acts of courage and love. He was in constant pain

    In his late 70's and up until the age of 83, Cy Twombly created a body of work that was bold and celebratory. All while he was dying of cancer. These paintings are acts of courage and love. He was in constant pain. He sat on a stool with his large brushes attached to long sticks enabling him to make large strokes with smaller movements. Viewing these in person is the best way. The size and scope is nothing short of magical. But this book does justice to this great artist's final years. There are the singular Gagosian books from specific shows but they are pricey. This is a great deal for the cost.

  • Meg Stegbauer - On attempt to activate through Microsoft, responded with Invalid Product Key.

    While installing, the message was, "Installing Microsoft Office Professional Pro 2010" -- this is not quite the same program as Microsoft Office Professional 2010. I called Microsoft and the product key was not valid. I will be returning the product.