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  • Jason L. - Music Awards

    I listen to the music as I can when I get home from work. Your performance was completely refreshing when tossed in the mix of so many other artists that have sold themselves out for nothing more than money. I hope you keep it up. when someone gets something from music that comes from what you played, it's a humbling feeling.

  • Sarah A. Primeau - Amazing

    This eye primer is amazing. I am very picky about eye primer. My favorite in the past has been Mary Kay's eye primer, but I think this one might beat it. It's a neutral color so you can't see that it's on your eye like some other primers. It dries quickly and man does it hold the eye shadow in place! By the end of the day my eye makeup looks exactly the same. The only warning is that it holds it in place so well you need to be careful because blending isn't easy once it sets. I make sure to cover the entire lid with a neutral shadow first to make blending easier later.

  • Mary C. Saylor - This version doesn't hold up well against the older versions.

    I have two earlier versions that I really like but I'm disappointed in this's awkward to use. Too much upgrade was spent on making it "pretty" and not enough to make it user-friendly. There aren't that many new images even though it was promoted as having so much more. I wasted a whole day trying to make a 2013 calendar...following the instructions for changing the date to the letter. I finally had to get on the Internet to find out there is an extra (although critical) step that doesn't appear in the instructions in the Help menu! Every month of the calendar has to be changed manually...instead of automatically changing all the months once the January date is changed. I only ordered the new version because the old ones don't work in my new Windows 7. I actually go back to my old Windows XP computer to use the old programs.



  • Tyron - Best 4k TV for the money

    I am a bit of a audio/video-phile and must say, this is an awesome product. I purchased this TV expecting to settle for a middle of the line picture and substandard features. I couldn't have been more wrong, the picture quality on this TV is outstanding. I understand that it doesn't have the best grey picture uniformity or the most noticeable HDR color reproduction, but you know, that really doesn't matter, because it's not something anyone is going to notice in 99% of TV/Movie watching scenarios. The colors are bright and vibrant, way better than my more expensive 1080p Samsung from 4 years ago (which also cost more money). Black contrast and uniformity is outstanding. I can never notice the backlight/bleeding when credits are rolling. I can't believe this is a standard LED TV and not a quantum pixel or OLED TV.

  • Jumping4Joy - Love knowing our son is safe!

    This seat came recommended to us after I had already purchased a seat by another manufacturer that had also gotten great safety ratings. I was a little put off by the price but went with the recommendation. The reality is that we needed two seats anyway. All I have to say is WOW. I am truly amazed at how the seat is made. I wish we had moved our son into this seat even sooner. He sits much higher (which is a little tricky when getting him in and out of the seat to avoid hitting his head on the roof of the car). He loves it because he can see out the back of our midsize SUV. Another note if you install the seat in the middle of the second row it does create a blind spot when changing lanes. I don't intend to travel with this seat as it is so heavy but rather keep it permanently installed in my vehicle and using the other pre Clek carseat for travel and as a back up.

  • Amazing Customer - Good Brain Health Supplement...

    I love this product so far! It works just as well, if not better than I expected! I am definitely pleased with the results that I have received by using this product. I will definitely be purchasing this item again in the near future and I highly recommend it! Great value! As a disclaimer, I received this product either for free or at a discount for my unbiased and totally honest review. In no way have I been compensated by this company for my honest review. Although I have received the item at a discounted price, I do not give good ratings on anything that I would not be willing to shell out my hard earned cash. I absolutely do recommend this product for your needs. I also rely on reviews for my personal shopping experiences and this is why I attempt give you my most accurate review possible so that other customers can make informed decisions. If I see in the future that this product fails to perform or fails hold up to its claims, I will immediately update my review and star rating. Please rate my review as "helpful" if this has helped you in any way. Because, by clicking helpful, this will also help me with my reviews! Thank you so much!