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  • Alexis S. - Nice color, horrible dye, DO NOT BUY

    The color of this dye looked quite lovely until it started to fade after a week and a half. One bottle could not cover all of my hair which only went down to slightly past my shoulders. The mixture was also quite runny and stained my scalp bright red. I would definitely not recommend this product to anyone I know.

  • Esteban A. Valle - Amazingly Warm and just AMAZING

    I've read most of, if not all, of the Amazon reviews on this product. I've also read most of the reviews from other websites and magazines. I decided to purchase this warmer because I am a cheap person. I don't like disposable things, especially expensive disposable, wasteful hand warmers. I was a little bit hesitant about taking every thing I read at face value. Well, upon receiving it, this hand warmer has exceeded my expectations in every way that I've read.

  • Donna - It is What It Is!!! And that is a GREAT SHAMPOO!

    I have used Nioxin Cleanser, System 1 (which is for fine/Untreated/Normal to Thin hair). My hair is "untreated". I have always had baby fine hair. Also, my hair is on the oily side and anything will make it bog down and oily. This product does not make my hair do either of these two things. With my hair being untreated, I have always relied on "product" and Velcro rollers for uplift (I am very careful about taking the Velcro rollers out of my hair due to breakage). Unfortunately as a lot of women get older their hair gets thinner. I happen to fall into that category. Also I WAS having problems with it breaking off. I discovered this shampoo about six years ago. I used it steady for about three years. My hair quit breaking off and it looked and felt SO much healthier. I stopped using it for a few months thinking..."I will just buy OTC shampoo for a while". BIG MISTAKE!!!.... The next trip to my hairdresser she said that my hair was breaking off. She even asked if I was doing something different to my hair. I told her that I had stopped using my regular shampoo and I proceeded to tell her the name of it. She started raving about how good of a product it was. So I came home and ordered another bottle. I always order the 33.8 ounce and it lasts me for months. I mean like 6 months. And all you have to use is a dime size. I also am a everyday shampoo'er. Although I do not find that this is by no means a product that promises to make hair thicker... It does help with the over all problems for what it says... "Fine/untreated/normal to Thin hair"... I only have tried the Shampoo. I have not tried the other products that you can use with it... which is why the word "system" is in the name.....BUT! I am going to try in the near future. And when I do I will give an update on my review. Also, this shampoo has a peppermint / menthol feel to it on your scalp (only while you are soaped up. Not after you rinse). It also has a very pleasant smell. So bottom line...It is what it is and that is a GREAT SHAMPOO!!!

  • George - Ultralow Profile and sounds great!!!

    After deliberating whether to buy this antenna or a 13" antenna, I chose this one. It is more expensive than the other, but came with favorable reviews. My son bought one for his truck and it dampened his FM signal so I was hesitant. I installed this one on my 2015 Xterra and noted no change in the FM volume. The lack of antenna is pleasing to the eyes as I drive - definitely woth the price.

  • David A. Cook - Great bag!

    Lightweight, easy to carry, lots of space, great bag! I did order a replacement padded shoulder pad - but that's a personal choice.