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  • smartypants - Perfect for what it is

    I've had this player kicking around in my vehicle for years, and it still works. I love love love that it is in a metal case! If you're rough with your electronics and need a simple music player, this one is really great. The spring clip is very robust and useful. The controls are simple to use with one hand.

  • L. Payer - but your lids are horrible. If this tips there goes your "icey cold/hit" ...

    Get with it Yeti. You offer a excelkent product in terms of keeping thing very cold/hot, but your lids are horrible. If this tips there goes your "icey cold/hit" beverage. It wouldnt be rocket science to come up with a closable lid option for the Rambler. With as much engineering you've put into this priduct, it's shocking tgat you fall down flat on a simple thing like a spill proof/closable lid. Booooo.

  • Stomkat - it's a very good multivitamin.

    I've been taking prenatal vitamins since about a year after having my last child. I was talking to my mother about my thin, flimsy nails when I mentioned that the only time my nails every look halfway decent is when I'm pregnant. My hair always grows faster, stronger and thicker when I'm pregnant too. She said it's most likely from the prenatal vitamins. I've been taking prenatal vitamins ever since, and she was right. They do help my hair (and nails to a lesser extent). I don't like having to take 2 of these at a time, which is probably from all of the extraneous ingredients for mood and lactation, but overall it's a very good multivitamin.

  • Dante - Easy to Set Up

    I bought two pink LeapPads for my 3 and 5 year old daughters. The first one took about 20 minutes to set up because I didn't know the LeapPad Connect software doesn't work with Windows XP 64 so I used my XP laptop. The second one took me exactly 12 minutes to open the package, set it up, download the apps, and put it back in the package without any evidence it was ever opened. Since this may be helpful to some people, here are instructions on opening the box without destroying it.

  • Marie - The Holy Grail of curl enhancers for all Curly Girls!!!!!

    I have been using this product religiously for 4 months and I couldn't be happier! This is not only a styling gel but a moisturizer as well. My 3c/4a/b hair stays beautiful and soft, with great shine and bounce all week long. KCCC is the Holy Grail of curl enhancers for all Curly Girls! I couldn't be more please with this product. Oh, and btw, it's always on sale at tar-jee!!

  • Amazon Customer - ... at the cable park and this board has been great for both

    I ride both behind the boat and at the cable park and this board has been great for both. I use it with fins behind the boat and fin-less at the cable. Great flex on the tip and tail in the park but still has great control with soft landing behind the boat. I would recommend it for any level of rider.

  • Gatsby - Disappointing

    I really wanted to like this film, but just couldn't. It's a bland movie that doesn't work. While there are a couple of clever moments, overall the movie is boring and the characters uninteresting. Clearly an unnecessary re-make.