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  • D. Adams - Great for me, family hates it!

    This book makes cooking for one so easy and affordable. I can't believe the time I'm saving and the delicious food that I can prepare each and every meal.

  • Victor - Good in between the next big book read.

    Lots of normally unknown stuff, most where details on history and facts you only know the basics or hear say of. Good to get the rounded out full set of info on. read it you'll like it too

  • Justin Robash - Time will tell

    One of the 4 doors doesn't line up quite right, but I can grind it to fit. Sucks I'll ruin the powdercoat in the process. I think they're going to rattle a lot also so I may be adding a frame to the inside of the skins

  • Amazon Customer - I thought this item was cool & also did not like my oem antenna hitting ...

    I thought this item was cool & also did not like my oem antenna hitting branches. I live 10 minutes from downtown major city. Was very overcast n ready to storm. My radio was static. Might as well not even had a antenna at all! Stick with the one you have because this item is a total piece of junk!

  • c s. - I will ALWAYS have Krud Kutter on hand!

    I am glad that I did not believe the review provided by one reviewer "Susanah" who said that this is only an "average" cleaning product. After using it for a few weeks, it's become a part of my "must have" cleaning staples. I am amazed at how clean it gets my painted walls, woodwork, and doors. I have a painted backsplash behind my sink that never looked clean, no matter what product I used. A few sprays of Krud Kutter (diluted with water in a spray bottle) and I was able to simply wipe away the grime. The wall behind the stove looks smudge free—any leftover spatters of food are eliminated. Furniture marks on the walls and scuff marks quickly disappear using Krud Kutter. Some scuff marks do require a little more work than others, but the wall is mark free by the time that I am finished. I use it on my kitchen countertops and the fixtures in both the kitchen and bathrooms. Cleaning the grout in the shower and the bathroom floor has become a breeze.

  • Myda Muckala - Love this iPad cover

    Love this iPad cover! Pencil fits nice and I feel comfortable knowing it won't fall out while I walk with my iPad Pro. The cover works great for putting it to sleep and waking my iPad up. Love it!

  • J P. Levin - Search for easy to use, comprehensive Coin Collection Inventory software has major challenges.

    While Coin Manage is easier to use than other coin software it has it's difficulties. Entering coins found in an existing data base is a snap however creating your own can be tricky. For example I set up a data base for Casino Tokens. Certain fields were not accessible and I could not get reports to sort alpha on the Variety field. Technical support assured my they could generate the report and would send me the report template. They were slow to respond. And of course that report would be available in the upcoming revision(something I was told about several other inquiries...hum). This is the third coin inventory program I have tried. Coin Manage is far easier to work with then EZ Coin which is not EZ at all. Given the state of software development these days the coin inventory segment lags very far behind. I have been trying programs at the lower end of the pricing scale but who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on one of these programs? The search goes on.