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  • Shelly Lust - Great combination of science, adventure, and romance.

    I really enjoyed the way the story opens. There are events unfolding in the present and flashbacks that provide some backstory. I am not a science buff, and though the technologies are very cool, I am drawn more to the relationships developing among the characters: power struggles and budding romance, crisis management and heroic rescues, suspicion and trust, aggression and affection, self-doubt and soul searching. Six explorers of sorts on a mission to investigate a mysterious spacecraft have to prepare themselves to face any number of adversities at their destination, but also overcome the trials of spending 10 months in a small transport with micro gravity and even less privacy. Tensions are high when they dock, and things quickly go downhill from there. Will they be able to work together to make contact, complete their mission, and return home, or will they get in each other's way? When they find another force at play, who will determine if it is friend or foe? Will emotions interfere with duties? Can a budding romance survive a shift in power? Will all my questions be answered, or will I have to wait for the sequel?

  • frank r beitler - great prouduct

    it was great cost less through you same package at lowes just for the vacuum is 59 dollars with out the hose

  • KORI K. - Vanilla is the only flavor he drinks and to make it taste even better he drinks it with a Got Milk

    My 5 year old son's doctor suggested he drink these shakes daily for added nutrition. Vanilla is the only flavor he drinks and to make it taste even better he drinks it with a Got Milk? Magic Milk Straw flavored cookies and cream.

  • zamoley - The best formula for fine soft (normal-oily) hair.

    It works supremely well, does not cause static. The difference in my hair was quite noticeable immediately upon first use. I love this product and find this formula to be the best out of all other Mane 'n Tail leave-in conditioners/ sprays. I will repurchase many times over; and highly recommend it to everyone.

  • Jeremy N. - Snazzy little device!

    Intended for this to route BT audio from my phone to my aging '06 Accord. Works well for that purpose, but where the Aukey really shines is in its versatility. It virtually turns any dumb audio input into a modern age wireless receiver. The battery life is good too, used it for 3 days in my car w/o a charge, so I decided to take it to the gym w/ me via earbuds and it's still going strong. Definitely recommend it!