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  • consumer - Must Have

    African Holistic Health is a must have for Any home. The information contained in this book is like having a PDR, Physicians Desk Reference, Back To Eden, and a Medical Encyclopedia. The Bonus is: African Holistic Health includes information unknown and unused in the medical community; it fills in significant gaps.

  • Coolj21 - Didn't stop breakage

    I've been using this trio for about a month now. The shampoo is great and so is the conditioner (which I have used on and off for about 10 years now) and the drops tingle and smells good, but I have not seen a difference in breakage. Every night when I wrap my hair there is still a lot of hair in my sink and when I unwrap it in the morning I see the same amount of broken hair on my shoulders and floors. I'll use it until it finishes but I really don't see a difference in my hair.

  • Jeffrey - Reliability is not what you get with QB Pro 2010

    For the record, I used Quickbooks 15 years ago, multi-user, for years. When I got my business going again used QB SimpleStart with no problem on my vista 64 computer. Bought QB Pro 2010 two weeks ago and started adding data to it. Today I got a BSD and rebooted. When I started QuickBooks I got the message "QuickBooks has stopped working". So I de-installed and reinstalled Microsoft dot net, de-installed and reinstalled QuickBooks. After the installation finished and I started Quickbooks, it still doesn't want to boot. Googled "QuickBooks has stopped working" and found lots of other users with similar problems. After having used this for two weeks, why should I be reinstalling? The install disc can't even do a repair. How is it that a relatively basic type of product gets so bloated and unreliable after all of these years? I sold accounting software on computers in the 80's (yes that was 25 years ago) and can't believe that in this day and age the most popular software continues to have so many problems. Intuit, you can try to contradict what I am saying, but know this. There are lots of people that are mad at you due to the reliablity issues they experience with your product. NO DENIAL, PLEASE. Now the question is after wasting my money, is Peachtree or another product any better?

  • Heather - Horrrrrrrrrible

    This doesn't work! DO NOT USE IT!!!!!! It ruined my boots and doesn't even hold up! Horrible product and company! Won't return my calls nothing! Waste of money for sure