Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas | Sleep & Sinus Doctor - If you suffer from sinusitis, snoring, sleep apnea or allergies in the Rio Grande Valley, call ENT Specialist Dr. Umang Khetarpal. Insurance accepted!

  • Contact Sinus & Snoring Centers of Texas - When you're in search of a snoring cure, allergy testing or balloon sinuplasty in the Rio Grande Valley, contact the Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas.
  • Dr. Khetarpal | Sinus Surgeon | Brownsville, Texas - Dr. Khetarpal is a Harvard Medical School trained sinus surgeon specializing in sinusitis, sleep apnea, allergies and more in the Rio Grande Valley.
  • Procedures at Sinus and Snoring Centers | Sinus Surgery - For endoscopic sinus surgery, sleep apnea surgery and allergy treatments near Harlingen, trust the Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas. Call 956-504-5360.
  • Balloon Sinuplasty | Sinusitis Relief & Treatment - 37 Million Americans suffer from sinusitis. For more information on the treatment and relief of sinusitis symptoms, call the Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery | Tear Duct Repair | Sinus Disorders - Are you in need of endoscopic surgery due to a sinus disorder? Call the Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas for more information on endoscopic sinus surgery.
  • Endoscopic Septoplasty | Deviated Septum | Brownsville, TX - If you are suffering from symptoms of a deviated septum in Brownsville, endoscopic septoplasty can help. Contact the Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas.
  • External Sinus Surgery | Sinusitis Treatment San Banito - If you are desperate for sinusitus treatment near San Benito, contact the Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas about external sinus surgery. Call 956-504-5360
  • Endoscopic Repair of CSF Leaks | Sinus Surgery in Brownsville - Are you in need of sinus surgery in Brownsville or endoscopic repair of CSF leaks? The Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas perform all types of sinus procedures.
  • ENT Specialists | Sinus & Snoring Centers of Texas - Dr. Khetarpal at the Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas is the areas leading ENT doctor. If you're experiencing any ENT related issues, contact us today
  • Image Guided Sinus Surgery | Balloon Sinuplasty | Brownsville - Image guided sinus surgery & balloon sinuplasty are safe procedures that decrease recovery time. For sinus surgery in Brownsville, call 956-504-5360 today.
  • Managing & Treating Allergies | Testing | Allergy Shots - If you are in need of allergy services, such as allergy testing, allergy shots or allergy drops, contact the Sinus and Snoring Centers of TX. 956-504-5360.
  • Sinusitis Treatment | Sinus Surgery | Brownsville, TX - Everything you need to know about sinusitis treatment and sinus surgery in the Rio Grande Valley. Call the Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas to schedule!
  • Sinus Headaches | Sinusitis | Headache Relief - Do you suffer from frequent sinus headaches? Contact the Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas for Sinus Headache Relief Today! Call 956-504-5360.
  • Snoring Cure | Stop Snoring | Snoring Prevention in Brownsville - Are you looking for a snoring cure or snoring prevention in Brownsville? The Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas can help you stop snoring. Call 956-504-5360
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea | Sleep Apnea Treatment | FAQ - Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type of sleep apnea in the US. If you need McAllen sleep apnea treatment or to stop snoring, call 956-504-5360.
  • Radio Frequency Ablation | CPAP Alternative | Sleep Apnea - If you suffer from sleep apnea in Mission or are searching for a CPAP alternative, the Sinus and Snoring Centers of TX perform ablation with radio frequency
  • Rhinoplasty | Nose Surgery | Rio Grande Valley - Rhinoplasty is a common procedure. If you're considering rhinoplasty in McAllen, Brownsville, or Edinburg call the Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas.
  • Immunotherapy | Allergy Drops | Sinus Centers of Texas - Sublingual immunotherapy also called SLIT or allergy drops are quite effective in treating allergic rhinitis. Call today for more information 956-504-5360.
  • Patient Results | Testimonials | Sinus and Snoring Centers - Click here to see patient results of individuals who have had treatment for sinus problems, sleep apnea & allergies at the Sinus and Snoring Centers of TX.
  • Sinus Surgery | Before & After | Balloon Sinuplasty Results - Check out these before & after images of sinus surgery performed by sinus surgeon Dr. Khetarpal in Brownsville. For an appointment, call 956-504-5360 today!
  • Schedule Consultation | Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas - If you want to stop snoring or you're in need of allergy treatment, call the Sinus and Snoring Centers of Texas for a consultation. Call 956-504-5360.

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