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  • jeryl - A wonderful tool

    A MUST for anyone who has an animal with fur! A little bit of caution is required when using this. You could easily "brush" too hard & scratch your animal. I'm surprised at how much fur comes off without much effort.

  • Amazon Customer - Didn't expect the quality like this. Seems genuine leather

    Didn't expect the quality like this. Seems genuine leather. Looks really luxurious. I wish they have different colour other than the black only.

  • Rebekah L. Pinkertonhermann - better than expected.

    I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this worked even better than I thought it would! Usually items like this seem gimicky and sound like they will do amazing things then end up not. This callus remover did exactly as it said it would! The rotating head is good and does a fantastic job of removing dead skin. You do have to have a light touch with it as it will stop the rotations if you press too hard. It's a safety feature. I like that the head is tough enough to get at the calluses, but gentle enough to use all over the feet without and scraping. I'm very happy to have this and will be using it all the time as sandal season approaches!

  • Jenn - Nice

    These look great on and very easy to install. The only thing that surprises me is the price given they're actually PLASTIC!

  • Andra Williams - finacial management

    A very easy to read book. Very good information. I like how it shows how to work the problem in different ways. I could not use the CD that came with it. Perhaps my PC is not compartable with the software. I was a little disapointed with that.

  • Carlos Thomas - a lot of googling is useful as you read b/c the book lacks a bit ...

    Haven't gone to Iceland yet. using the book as a reference to map out a plan. So far, a lot of googling is useful as you read b/c the book lacks a bit of depth. But gives you some nice things to think about.

  • d1gg1ninthacr8s - He and such artists like Kendrick, Lil Wayne

    J.Cole shines in that he unabashedly expresses his ideas and emotions with clever/well-thought lyrics, metaphors, and rhymes. With some of his most profound statements, I've found myself pondering similar musings.