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Spitalul Sf. Constantin: Home - Spitalul Sf. Constantin, SC Teo Health SA, Clinica Sf. Constantin, Spital privat Brasov cu specialitati: oncologie medicala, chirurgie generala, urologie, orl, anestezie terapie intensiva, neurochirurgie, ortopedie, chirurgie plastica, chirurgie bariatrica, chirurgie laparoscopica

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City: 25 , Romania

  • lchene - Good formulation, old technology marketing hype

    In 1992 Myron Wentz used human cell cultures to formulate the best multivitamins and mineral ever, but since then Usana as been on a marketing get rich band wagon. They use fixed exchange rate so the wealthier distributors make more money and the consumers pays more. As an example they use 42% exchange rate for the Canadian currency instead of the current 5%. I wrote them a registered letter asking them to review the rate, they did not even care to reply...

  • Melanie Ahern - Buy it. You won't regret it.

    Just dance is awesome as always. I'm not a big fan of top 40 songs or pop in general, but dancing to them is the best. I would say that the songs on this one aren't as great as 2014, but they're definitely more interactive. Dancers pick each other up, etc.

  • Dresden1907 - I ignored the bad reviews and gave it a chance

    I ignored the bad reviews and gave it a chance. Could not even get it to WORK! It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how to simply plug in a device. If you plug it in, you will be sent in CIRCLES, and think that YOU are having a "brain cramp". After about 15 minutes of that confusion, I re-read reviews and found that it was NOT just ME!

  • Sam Spade - No real difference for me

    I used as directed, but could not tell a significant difference.. I still ended up replacing the catalytic converter. Maybe I used it too late.. I will never know.. Maybe everyone else will have greater success.

  • Elizabeth - very helpful

    This PCCN Review Book 2016: PCCN Study Guide and Practice Test Questions for the Progressive Care Certified Nurse Exam is a product that I received for free from the supplier to be reviewed. This book is very helpful to someone who is already invested in the progressive care, this book will help prep and refresh knowledge so you can take the PCCN test. This book is smaller than other review books I have had, its gets directly to the point. This book includes practice questions for all concepts, tips from PCCN experts and helps you conquer the PCCN exam. This review book has six chapters and then a test your knowledge exam with the answers to check our work in the very back. Chapter one is cardiovascular disorders. Chapter two is pulmonary disorders. Chapter three is Endocrine, hematological, gastrointestinal and renal disorders. Chapter four includes neurological, multisystem and behavioral disorders. Chapter five is about psychological disorders. Chapter six is professional caring and ethics practice. This book has been very helpful for me to refresh my knowledge and help prep for the PCCN. This book could be helpful for you too,

  • Brian Iwanylo - Great tech-support. Uses factory key Fob.

    Super easy install. I did need to call the seller Who provided tech-support with programming issues I think one of me wires was not set all the way. Tech-support call me back quickly. And help me troubleshoot. Talk me through the process. Thanks again keep up the good work.