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  • FDA’s Warning about Testosterone Treatments • States Chronicle - The Food and Drug Administration is warning people concerning testosterone treatments. This and other types of steroids proved to be very dangerous. 
  • Arctic Seals Affected by Global Warming • States Chronicle - The Arctic seals are living hard times because of global warming. To survive, this species needs to be protected. Authorities declared it endangered.
  • Psychologists Argue Dogs Dream about their Owners • States Chronicle - Psychologists tend to believe that dogs dream about their owners. Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, analyzes dreams. 
  • Doctors Talk about Hackable Cardiac Implants • States Chronicle - Devices which are built to expand humans’ life span, like cardiac implants, are thought to be defenseless in front of hackers. 
  • A Terrible Bacteria Causes Death to Humans • States Chronicle - A terrible bacteria which is flesh-consuming caused the death of a man. Although this scenario seems to be part of horror stories, it is real.
  • Epson has a new scanner: FastFoto FF-640 • States Chronicle - The company Epson just released their FastFoto FF-640, a scanner that turns your old photos into digitalize ones in seconds.
  • Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s Illness • States Chronicle - Recent surveys demonstrate that a specific pill helps in preventing Alzheimer’s illness. Scientists argue that they found a drug to prevent the disease. 
  • Carved Pumpkins Sinking at the South Carolina Aquarium • States Chronicle - Staff from South Carolina Aquarium is going underwater for planting carved pumpkins. Six divers carved underwater see-related shapes into pumpkins. 
  • Innovative Way of Repairing Knee Joint • States Chronicle - Doctors have been thinking of fixing knee joint injuries by using nose cartilages. The advancement of medicine helped doctors build grafts of cartilage tissue. 
  • The Reveal of Planet Generating Disk • States Chronicle - On October 22 men of science argue that they have unveiled the oldest known planet generating disk. This was estimated to be 45 million years old. 
  • Hepatitis A Warning Because of Whole Foods • States Chronicle - Detroit’s health representatives have complained about two cases of hepatitis A because of the consumption of products produced by Whole Foods Market. 
  • Our Jaws Were Traced Back to Prehistoric Swimmers • States Chronicle - Scientists have revealed that studies demonstrate human jaws evolved from our prehistoric swimmers ancestors. That fish had lived four hundred years ago.
  • Trick-or-treaters Are Thrilled about Teal Pumpkin Project • States Chronicle - The Teal Pumpkin Project is meant to let your trick-or-treaters know that you have healthy treats to offer without kids who suffer from allergies.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases Hit a Record in the U.S • States Chronicle - This report shows that last year there were more cases of any sexually transmitted diseases than in the last 10 years. 
  • Migraines Believed to be Caused By Mouth Bacteria • States Chronicle - This showed that people who complained of having migraines in the past have a bigger number of mouth bacteria than the ones who did not report this problem.
  • Man Eats a Ghost Pepper, Tears His Esophagus • States Chronicle - After eating a burger topped with ghost pepper, a Californian man ended up in the hospital with a torn esophagus and a collapsed lung. 

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