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  • Amazon Customer - Works Great

    This is a really nice cooling towel, the material is comfortable and the stitching around the edges is done very well, they are close together and this will not fray. the towel is a great size for working out. I have been to some very hot climates in the last ten years, and being from Washington state, I am use to a very mild climate, 114 nearly did me in. I wish I had had one of these when traveling to Egypt and Thailand. I would have been so much more comfortable. This works well and I am happy with the performance. I purchased this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, which I have given, the comments in this review or solely mine. Because I received a discount on this product does not mean that I am going to give a false review, I pride myself on having integrity and would not want to purchase a product with false or fake reviews, therefore, I do my very best to give a 100% accurate description of the product I am trying out.

  • caitlin - New Swaddlers terrible

    We have been a huge Swaddler fan & advocate since day 1 - always telling every mom I know to use pampers Swaddlers. But the new Swaddler, is awful!!!! 1) The diaper has a weird chemical smell instead of the nice baby powder smell. 2) Now the diaper sags even when it's not very full. 3) The liner does not wick away the moisture at all. My daughter's bottom is always shining with wetness from her urine and I change her much that my mother and my mother-in-law tell me to chill out. My daughter has only had 2 small diaper rashes since she was born & one blowout, and since the new Swaddler she has suffered recurring diaper rashes, and they are severely red & multiple near blowouts even with small bowel movement. 4) Pampers has increased the price by reducing the # of diapers per box.

  • John M - Not a Great tv for a low price.

    This TV started out great but after i really sat and watched i noticed alot of judder (jerky/stuttering) this was worse from side to side camera movements. I changed hdmi cables 3 times (monster and audio quest were 2 of them) i even tried my ps4 and of course adjusted all the settings for hours. I finally have given up and im returning it. I dont believe this tv is meant for 4k. Its more like an upper end 1080p. The 60hz refresh just wont cut it. Its not 120 like advertised. I will end up looking for a 240hz. Its not bad until the camera moves quickly and thats when you get blur and judder. Im surprised more people arent complaining about this.

  • Joshua Little - It is not worth the money. Cheap. The ...

    It is not worth the money. Cheap. The material covers the volume buttons and hard to push causing damage to iPad buttons over the course of a month.

  • John - Major issues with PS4

    I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with this game, but the game play is absolutely horrendous. The camera works fine when I'm in the Playroom, but when I use it for the game it doesn't detect half the moves and barely detects other players. I'm not sure if UBI Soft will fix the problem with a patch or that I should return the game. I wouldn't recommend the PS4 version to anyone in the current state. I would wait to see if UBI Soft patches or updates the game and solves the problem before purchasing.