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Country:, Europe, HR

City: 16 City of Zagreb, Croatia

  • Hamman - LOVE

    Now this thing is COOL! I didn't even need it, but it was such a brilliant idea that I had to have one. I am hooked. Im a total "tweexer"... and I sometimes will paint my nails just so I can tweex some more.

  • Darrell.Lori Walker - WARNING!!!!! FIRE and BURN HAZARD!!!!

    One star is TOO much!!! I received this burner today. I immediately follow the instructions and heated it up for four minutes. But the burner and the whole entire housing and unit became so hot and smoke so badly that I had to open the window and it set off the fire alarm and it is such a fire hazard that I can never ever even consider using it. I will return it or destroy it. I want my money back and this thing needs to be taken off the market. My husband is a volunteer fire fighter and has declared this thing one of the worst things anybody could have in their home. I burnt my hand because I didn't know the housing was hot and I wanted to move it away from the edge of the counter. If I didn't have such a fast reflex, I would be in the hospital was very bad burns on my hands. And oh what what happened if child walked by and touch that? That would be so horrible. And then there is the part where you are concerned about something touching it accidentally leaving the potholder next to the housing on accident or something spilling over I think it would cause a fire.

  • Amazon Customer - I'd give 10 stars if I could.

    Amazing, despite a 14 hour time difference was perfectly helpful and swift in getting everything handle smoothly. I'd recommend them to anyone.