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  • Meet our Director - Sydney Design School - Meet our Director Amanda Grace, a leader in Interior Design and Decoration education in Australia
  • Our Educators | Interior Design Courses | Sydney Design School - We take pride in employing the best industry practitioners. Our Educators are interior design, decoration and architectural professionals who not only have valuable practical experience but also the relevant qualifications to ensure you receive the personally delivered, quality education you signed up for. They keep you abreast of the latest trends and developments in the industry and connect you with their networks. Our in-house presentation series exposes you to a network of guest lecturers who are leaders in their field.
  • Our Studios | Interior Design Courses | Sydney Design School - Our studios are a hive of creative activity, They overlook the city skyline and are awash with natural light just like working in a real design studio.
  • Short Courses | Interior Design Courses | Sydney Design School - We offer a range of industry specific Short Courses which align to our core value of being at the forefront of Interior Design and Decoration education.
  • Summer School 2017 | Interior Design Short Courses | Sydney Design School - Be inspired and get creative. Join one of our Summer School short courses, 16-20 January 2017.
  • SDS Connect | Interior Design Courses | Sydney Design School - SDS Connect connects students to the Interior Design industry and provides advice on career choices and opportunities for employment.
  • Success Stories | Interior Design Courses | Sydney Design School - Our graduates are all our success stories! Our careers service, SDS Connect, supports graduates to secure their dream job.
  • Employ a Graduate | Interior Design Courses | Sydney Design School - Employ a graduate who is work ready skills and eager to start their career in the interiors industry through our careers service, SDS Connect.
  • Info Sessions & Open Day | Interior Design | Sydney Design School - Come along to an Info Session or Open Day to find out which of our Interior Design courses are best for you. Enrol now. VET FEE-HELP available.
  • Key Dates | Interior Design Courses | Sydney Design School - Key dates for our school terms, exhibition and graduation. Our course intakes are January and July. Come for a taster at our Summer and Winter School.
  • VET FEE-HELP | Interior Design Courses | Sydney Design School - Sydney Design School offers VET FEE-HELP to students wishing to study the Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration and Advanced Diploma of Interior Design.
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