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  • Sunny mom - It works!

    I have been using Almased for just over a month now, and I have lost 13lb's. That might be a slow weight loss for some, but I'm happy with that. I mix the powder with chocolate Almond milk, Dream coconut milk and water, and mix it in a hand held shaker. The best place I've found for ordering Almased, is evitamins, they sell it for just over $19. Not bad!

  • Eva Sidera - Such a relief down there!

    I've taken these for three days & already I felt a soothing relief. It's been a week now, my BV has reduced tremendously (after a good diet & exercise of course). My menstruation has also been going smoothly, I usually go through mild cramps. I will definitely keep up the monthly course, hopefully after several months my BV could be completely gone. I was dissapointed from the packaging however. The box came ripped, not very well protected.

  • Remy Agun - An Emotional Harem with Fuzzy Dragons!

    I picked this book up because I'm currently in my "dragon" phase of urban/paranormal lit and there aren't too many books to choose from in this genre. Well, I should've avoided this from the get-go. Poor plotting and even poorer characterization. The entire book is entirely too self-indulgent for me to take seriously. It's pretty much a 16-year-old heterosexual girl's wet dream: being surrounded by hot guys who fawn over her, waiting on her hand and foot. Jessa's your standard Mary Sue: small, "sassy", can eat a ton but gains no weight because she's puh-fect dahling, just utterly puh-fect. The Compasses are interchangeable. They're all a single person; a single cliche archetype. Big, broody, dominating and oh-so-hot-your-panties-just-about-melt-off.

  • Jerry H. - The must have accessory

    I put a set in my brand new 2007 Trailblazer, the carpets still look like new and the floorliners still look great. So when I bought my new 2015 Silverado there was no doubt about getting these floorliners. One of the liners was a little out of shape from shipping but 5 min with a heat gun, tape it in place and let it cool down, fits like a body suit!

  • Jeannpri7 - Best game in the world

    Best game in the world. We can't stop laughing. Mouth retractor not sold with this just an FYI. You can buy separately.

  • Scarlett - BP readings off by about 20 points

    This is pretty useless since, when compared to my home BP plug in monitor and the Dr. office bp cuff, this one is about 20-30 points off. Total waste of money.